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Entry Questionnare:

-What wrestling business do you watch most? WWE
-Who is your favorite wrestler? Tough call, I have loads of favourites. Either Mick Foley or Ultimate Warrior.
-What is your favorite finisher (include the person(s) who uses it!)
Grapple finisher: F5 (Brock Lesnar)
Turnbuckle finisher: Pheonix Splash (Hayabusa - it's essentially a corkscrew moonsault and a 450 splash combined)
-Favorite match? Again, loads of favourites, but if I had to choose one it'd be Undertaker and Mankind's Hell in a Cell match. That match was pretty brutal. Got to admire Mankind continuing to wrestle with a dislocated shoulder and knocking a tooth out.

Video for those who haven't seen it (warning: since this is wrestling, obviously this video contains forms of violence):


The second fall that Foley takes through the cell wasn't actually planned as part of the match.