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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
LOL. You're dealing with programmers. This is on topic. ;)
Actually no, this is not a topic about programming alone. If I wanted to make a topic about programming then I would have. Like I said the topic is
Building a Pokémon game from the ground up, worth it?


Game Development Programming Discussion
You're welcome to create the latter thread if you wish to, however.

Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
If you're talking strictly about a Pokemon game

Yep, we are. As stated in the OP and in the title of the thread, this is just about Pokemon styled games. As I say, feel free to make a more general topic.

So just in case anyone is getting thrown off, I'll repeat it, yes, this thread is only relative to making a Pokemon styled engine from scratch, and whether it's worth it. I don't really want to see a debate going much further than that. Thanks.
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