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    (OOC: I lost light mid post so this is kinda a abridged version of what I really wanted to post)

    Jack Jacobs
    Pokemon Center

    Jack listened to the two as they spoke of going out on some sort of adventure but he was a bit sceptical about that especially after glancing out the window to see that night was coming soon. Was it really the best time to want to go out and explore and have some kind of adventure? Jack was unsure but he gave Blade a look as if he was asking his opinion but the scizor only responded with a little nonchalant shrug.

    An adventure with a girl he had just met and a boy he kinda had a battle with once, could be pretty interesting. "Where to" obviously Kilik was just acting off a spur of the moment thing and Ruby was going along with it too. "Its going to get pretty dark soon and we wouldn't want to go somewhere unsafe right" Jack hoped he didn't seem like a downer or anything but safety had to be a priority at this time of day, he has had too many bad outing at this place already and to be honest he didn't want any more to go badly.
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