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    Name: Meru

    Cute Pokemon: Skitty and Lilligant ( Skitty has always been one of my favorites since gen 3. It's a little kitten and its pink! With Lilligant I found it pretty and adorable. Like some of it's features. Everytime I'd use it in battle I would notice how the back of it looks like long green hair and also looks like it's wearing a little flower crown. : D )

    Why: I adore cute pokemon! I can't help but squee over how cute a lot of them can be by appearance or based on how they act. It makes me wish they were real so I could hug them and pat them. xD

    And my answer for the topic's question of "Which Pokemon + Trainer combination is cutest?", would have to be Iris and Axew! I find it adorable how Axew travels along in Iris's hair! :3