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    I'm going to post here to say i would like to reserve a divine water spot (although i acknowledge that reservation is pretty pointless now). I am currently writing up my SU and it should be up within the hour (depending on how well the creative juices are flowing). Have been keeping an eye on this since it was posted but have only just gotten enough free time to guarantee regular posting. Excited to see it has finally started.

    EDIT: Here is my SU.

    Full Name: Teruyoshi Mizushima

    Nicknames: None

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Family: Divine Water

    Career: Hunter, fisherman, sword for hire and general odd jobs

    Appearance: Teruyoshi stands slightly taller than most and is deceptively lean. His skin is lightly tanned from time spent in the sun. His eyes are a light brown and appear to almost be a burnt orange colour. His hair is a deep black and is long enough to reach his shoulder. He wears his hair loose when in casual clothes but when preparing for training or fighting he will tie it back neatly. His nose has been broken numerous times leading to it being slightly malformed. This blemish does not mar his face to an extreme but does retract from appearance in a noticeable way. The rest of his features appear to have a slight point, most noticeably his chin. In all his faces has a sharp look to it.
    Teruyoshi dresses in a traditional two layer hitatare (the form of dress usually seen worn by samurai in films and other media). He however opts to usually only wear the less flowing Yoroi hitatare to allow better movement and the ability to quickly adorn his armour should the need arise. His hitatare adorns the mon (crest) of the Divine Water family. It is a deep blue colour with black trim. On his feet he wears white tabi (socks) and waraji (sandals). His swords are thrust through his obi (belt) which is wrapped around the waist and tied at the front. When meeting the family members in an official capacity Teruyoshi will adopt a more formal attire and instead wear the more flowing hitatare and hang his katana from cords from the obi (imagine how those in western dress uniform affix their swords) and instead have his Wakizashi thrust in his obi. His swords are always on his left side for a right hand draw.
    His armour follows the reverse colour scheme to his hitatare and is Tosei dou gusoku (I will find up an image if required although it is the traditional armour imagined when you think of battle ready Japanese warriors).

    Personality: Teruyoshi is best described as a frustrated warrior. He is hot headed and quick to rush in however beneath this is an intelligent and caring young man. He does not allow many people close to him and his training and the upkeep of his weapons and armour are of the utmost importance to him.
    He does however have a totally different side to him and will frequently spend time meditating and contemplating the beauty of nature in an attempt to calm himself and adhere to bushido. He finds this difficult due to his rash and hot-headed nature but tries desperately so as not to face dishonour. His strong sense of honour can sometimes be crippling.

    History: Teruyoshi was taught the warriors’ way by his grandfather at a young age and has been training ever since. His grandfather would tell him stories of battles from long ago and in far off places which the young boy enjoyed thoroughly. As a child he could frequently be found with a stick in hand having mock battles with his Riolu. At the age of 17 his grandfather passed away leaving Teruyoshi alone. He had by this time come of age and although there was no standing military due to the long held peace of the kingdoms he began to use his talents in other ways. He now hunts, provides protection and escorts for those who require it and other such physical duties that benefit the Divine Water family. He will also turn his hand to labour work in the winter where hunting becomes unreliable. He is outspoken in his pleas to the family to increase its defensive force and he insists that the idyllic peace cannot last.

    Skills: Teruyoshi is a talented swordsman, archer and rider. His speed outweighs what he lacks in sheer force. He has been schooled in the ways of bushido.

    Flaws: Teruyoshi’s flaws are many although they may be merely a product of his age. He is hot headed and quick to act. He rarely thinks about his actions. This pains him greatly as he wants nothing more than to be the perfect warrior and follow the teachings of the warrior’s way. As such he will repeatedly scold himself and lose himself to meditation in an effort to correct his rash nature.
    His strong sense of honour could also be considered a double edged sword as it is useful in some circumstances but can lead to trouble when the honourable thing is not the most sensible or practical. It is especially troublesome when other people are not as honourable and will take advantage of Teruyoshi’s actions.

    Weapon: Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto, as well as a bow for hunting. He is more skilled with blade than he is bow but is lacking in neither skill.

    Pokémon: Lucario

    Pokémon Name: Seishin

    Pokémon Personality: Lucario is much less rash than his trainer and will consider its actions before taking them. However he will follow orders if given them and has an ideal of honour much akin to his links. In many ways Seishin is much closer to the ideal warrior than its link. He acts as an advisor and aid as well as a friend and sparring partner.

    Pokémon History: No specific history

    Pokémon Specialty: Seishin specialises in close combat and moves such as aura sphere as is expected however he has shown unexpected talent in swordplay adapting his move bone rush to hold the bone formed as if it were a blade and not a staff (as seen in the anime).

    Pokémon Flaws: His honour binds him as much as his link. Seishin however unlike his trainer will consider things more which may lead to hesitation. He follows his links commands but will not follow blindly. If Seishin finds such actions unnecessary he will make his opinions clear. He is however honour bound to follow them if Teruyoshi does not reconsider after a moment’s reflection (as long as said action is not dishonourable).

    Proof of Reading: I assume this is a brief summary of the introduction post. Ethan has rescued the Kimono girls of Ecruteak city from a Rocket. He is then invited to hear a tale of two kingdoms by the owner of the dance theatre. The man tells the tale of two families who were once one but were split by a catastrophe. The catastrophe consisted of the burning down of one of the two towers while three of the 6 princes/princesses were within (specifically the beast trio) killing them. This led the female family leader to enter a rage and resurrect the three through use of her and Ho-Ohs sacred ashes (formed from her own reincarnation). The Divine water family beneath the male family leader retreated to an island off the coast of Johto. The bird trio fled with him. It is now five years later and is the night of the new moon festivities where the two families (apart from their leaders) meet to update each other about current affairs within each family.

    Anything Else: Nothing comes to mind.
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