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    Hanso listened as Penance returned to the group and talked some more. Personally, he wondered if the end of this ambush would be the end of the Golduck's worries. Hanso didn't have a problem with going over the plan more than once. He could give it a break, though, stop worrying so much. Then Roswell approached the Gold Tribe and said, "I thought I'd see you guys out, make sure everything is in order. My scouts have been out at the ambush site all morning. They're not at the site yet, but should be there soon. Good news is, from what they've been able to scout, there seems to be no sign of a Sentinel."

    Hanso frowned. From what Roswell had told them in the Decreement, the Silver Tribe had wanted to make an example of the Lucario's brother by a public execution. If Auron knew of Roswell and the Thieves' Forest, why risk moving Roswell's brother without an adequate escort, which would ideally include a Sentinel?
    Hanso kept this worry to himself, glancing over at Penance. If he'd thought of it, then the ambush-expert would likely think of it, too. He kept quiet as the conversation finished and they teleported to the ambush site.

    The first thing Hanso did was to look for his tree from where he stood. As he looked, a Beedrill approached the Gold Tribe.

    "Right, the king says you'd be comin'. Ok, here's what's going on. All the traps are set from yesterday. The Ancients should be coming in from the west with the prisoners. We don't know exactly how many, we never got a chance to get a good count, but there seems to be around a hundred or so. But there might be more. No Sentinel spotted.

    Lyn beamed and laughed. "Ha! Only a hundred? And no Sentinel? This'll be cake!"

    "I don't think it'll be that's still a hundred, and we have to be on guard if the have reinforcements." Dark Lightning added.

    "Right,'s going to be the bait?" Calamity asked.

    "Two of my men will do it." The Beedrill said, pointing his stinger at a Houndour and Poochyena. "They'll cause the Ancients to rush forward and fall into the traps, and then I'll send in my sleep and stun teams. They'll cause even more confusion, which will be your chance to strike and get to the king's bro and the other prisoners. Sounds about right?"

    "Seems so." Calamity said softly. "...Now what?"

    "Now..." Dark Lightning began, looking to the direction of where he assumed the prisoners would be coming from. "...I assume we wait. Any last information or pointers we should know about, or should we get into position?"

    Penance spoke again. "First, Guardia this will not be easy. Stay on a cautious mind, everyone. There is going to be some kind of trick the ancients are going to pull on us. This is a high profile prisoner, they wouldn't just have basic ancients guarding the prisoners. There could easily be a Sentinel hiding somewhere, or even the ancients could be trained. They... could be ditto." He frowned, "It would be hard to pull off, but that possibility does come to mind. Now, there is something else that can help."

    Knew he would think of that, Hanso thought, grinning slightly. Penance was done speaking by the time he'd found his tree. It was further down the forest's edge; Hanso teleported to the hidden branch he'd found before. Good thing that no one else seems to have found this. He settled down for the wait.


    A while later, the Ancients and their prisoners were spotted. Even at a distance, Hanso could tell what the prisoners were from their bottom halves: a Typhlosion, a Sneasel or a Weavile, a Scizor, a Shiftry, and a Lucario. Hanso wasn't sure if the Sneasel/Weavile had two claws on each foot or three; that would be the telling difference.
    As the ambush began to unfold, Hanso reviewed his own part: if Roswell's brother died, he would have to get back to the village and warn Zane, Gladius, and Dryad, in case Roswell (or someone else, for that matter) did try to kill them. Watching the Ancients fall for the taunts and traps, Hanso cocked his head. Did they ever fall for taunts in this manner before?

    Moments after some of the Gold Tribe members began charging, Hanso heard Defender shout, "Check the prisoners first! They could be enemies in disguise!"
    Alarmed, Hanso reviewed the Sentinels he knew of. Berserker and Noxious were both dead. There were Ignitus, a Flareon; Frostbite, a Froslass; Sentry, a Scizor; The Inferno, a Typhlosion; Deluge, a Castform; and Scar, a Mienshao. Among the prisoners were a Typhlosion and a Scizor, if he wasn't mistaken.

    Another time to ignore some privacy. Hanso quickly sent out a telepathic message to Defender that said, "Two possible Sentinels are the Typhlosion and the Scizor." Hanso couldn't do anything else until Roswell's brother was teleported out.
    Suddenly, he wasn't sure if his message to Defender would help or if it would distract or surprise him. He didn't know enough to know if the Golduck was okay with telepathy in battle. Looking back out at the field, Hanso wondered, Wait, when are the teleporters supposed to go in?