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Originally Posted by CycloneGU
Isn't Voltorb slow to begin with? You could be ten levels under something and still be faster.
Umm, no. Voltorb and Electrode are both very fast pokemon. >.>
Electrode has a base speed stat of 140.
The only poke faster than it, in Gen III, are Deoxys and Ninjask.

I'm not whether it was Chuck or Jasmine's badge, but obtaining one of those two fixes the Plain badge glitch on the trainer card.
Also, I can now use rock smash outside of battle.

Ok, what? The sister on the left, of the three Ace Trainer (Cooltrainer) sisters on Route 34, has a Goldeen with Jump Kick, Mirror Move and probably two other illegal moves that I didn't get to see.
Her Seaking has Sand-Attack, Defense Curl and probably two other illegal moves.
I wonder if the other two sisters are like this...
The other two sisters were normal, it was just Irene that had the illegal pokemon. :p

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