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Kilik Chambers - Pokemon Center

"Ah so it's Tentou, cool name." Ruby petted Tentou on the head, which made him smile. He was also surprised that she knew what he said. How'd she know anyway? Kilik was still aware of this; she can understand the same as N. "You don't have to try to rawr your name, I can understand pokemon language." That's unusual, but Tentou doesn't mind. He smiled & rawred again.

Ruby & Jack could see something was bothering Kilik. They really shouldn't persuade him. "If there's anything wrong, you can always tell me okay?" replied Ruby.

The question was still out there. They seemed unsure at first though. "Count me in," answered Ruby.

"Where to?" Jack asked, "Its going to get pretty dark soon and we wouldn't want to go somewhere unsafe right?" That part wasn't part of Kilik's idea right now. No matter what, no matter how challenging or dangerous, Kilik will push on through without fear.

"Let's go to the rocky mountains, inside a cave. Their's a certain Pokemon I want to get there," he suggested, scratching his chin. Already he was thinking of what name to call it once he catches a Deino. Tentou hopped back down the couch & scratched his ear. They should really take the offer. If not, who will support him, especiaally when he got that news from his mother?

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