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My first update on Fire Red Omega.

Name: JD
Rival: Blue
Starter: Zappy the Elekid

So far I have defeated the first three gyms. Brock went donw easily to Benny the Treeko and Torres the Mudkip, Misty was defeated by Benny (Grovyle) and Zappy (Electabuzz), and Surge was beat mostly by Torres (Marshtomp).

I don't have any screens, but here is my encounter list:


Unless otherwise noted, I caught each one. Pokemon who have died have a level range next to their name, along with a location where they were killed.

Pallet Town: Elekid/Zappy - gift, L5
1: Rattata - no pokeballs
2: Treeko/Benny - gift, L10-21 (Misty)
Viridian City: Houndour/Devil, L5-23 (Surge)
22: Mankey/Fran, L5*
V forest: Oddish/Dancer, L6*
Pewter City: Mudkip/Torres - gift, L10
3: Vulpix L8 - killed by crit
Mt. Moon: Solrock L14 - ran out of Pokeballs
4: Sandshrew/Merry, L17*
24: Ralts/Tron, L17
25: Pineco/Cornn, L18-20 (SS Anne)
Cerulean City: Totodile/Croc - gift, L15*
5: Pidgey/Nat - L17**
6: Meowth/Snatch - L17-17 (SS Anne, Blue)
11: Abra, L18 - teleported
Vermilion City: Wingull/Courier, L18*
Diglett's Cave: Diglett/Whack, L20*
9: Bulbabsaur/Dijon - gift, L20

* boxed in PC
** in daycare


Benny the Grovyle, L10-21. Did very well against Brock and Misty, but I had to sacrifice him in order to beat Starmie.

Cornn the Pineco, L18-20. Was OHKOed by a crit Ember from a Growlithe in the S.S. Anne.

Snatch the Meowth - L17-17. A necessary sacrifice against Blue's Jynx in the S.S. Anne.

Devil the Houndour, L5-23. Was killed by Lt. Surge's Magneton after being fully paralyzed.

Team JD:

Dijon the Naive Ivysaur, ♂ - Lv. 24
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Razor Leaf, Take Down, Sleep Powder, PoisonPowder

Torres the Hardy Marshtomp, ♂ - L27
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Mud Shot, Mega Punch, Water Gun, Growl

Zappy the Mild Electabuzz, ♂ - L27
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Karate Chop, Quick Attack

Tron the Impish Kirlia, ♂ - L27
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, Teleport