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Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
Entry Questionnare:

-What wrestling business do you watch most? WWE
-Who is your favorite wrestler? Tough call, I have loads of favourites. Either Mick Foley or Ultimate Warrior.
-What is your favorite finisher (include the person(s) who uses it!)
Grapple finisher: F5 (Brock Lesnar)
Turnbuckle finisher: Pheonix Splash (Hayabusa - it's essentially a corkscrew moonsault and a 450 splash combined)
-Favorite match? Again, loads of favourites, but if I had to choose one it'd be Undertaker and Mankind's Hell in a Cell match. That match was pretty brutal. Got to admire Mankind continuing to wrestle with a dislocated shoulder and knocking a tooth out.

Video for those who haven't seen it (warning: since this is wrestling, obviously this video contains forms of violence):


The second fall that Foley takes through the cell wasn't actually planned as part of the match.
Ahhhh, I loved that match. I have the Hell in A Cell DVD, and Foley talked about how he improvised and such. Those thumbtack spots were brutal to watch. =/

Anyway's you're in!

I don't have time right now, but I'll post up a Money in The Bank review as soon as possible. For now, though, and I'm surprised this hasn't been taken down, but here is the ENTIRE PPV on Youtube. Simply click here. Enjoy!

Raw Review 7/16/12
Well, it was episode 999, marking the last 2 hour episode. Gonna miss those. Anyway, this is what happened:

  • Opening promo involving CM Punk and Big Show - Punk started off about how he said his famous pipebomb last year right in Las Vegas, which is where they were. [Click here to see the promo. After a big, Show came in, and literally spoke the truth about how the company didn't revolve around Punk, rather "one man". Cena, of coruse, though they never said it. Show went on to warn Punk that after their match later tonight, after he got KTFO, Cena might cash in. Overall, very nice promo
  • Tag Team Championship Match: Kofi & Truth (c) vs The Primtime Players - The champs won after AW tried to help The PTPs by distracting the ref. Sort of surprised the titles got retained. At least the tag team division is sort of flickering back into life, right?
  • Promo involving AJ and DBryan and Eve - Started off with DBryan saying he had something important to say to AJ, but Eve interuppted saying that since DBryan ditched her last week, a new tag team match would happen between AJ and DBryan vs Eve and a partner of her choice.
  • Albtero Del Rio vs Zack Ryder - Del Rio squashed Ryder. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio returned and gave Rio the 619. Looking forward to this fued.
  • Heath Slater vs ...Rikishi! - I like Rikishi. Obviously he squashed Slater. A lot of mementos, especially of his brother Umaga with the Samoan Spike, and of Yokozuna with a Banzai Drop.
    After the math, Riskishi danced with his songs, the Usos. That was amazing.
  • DBryan and AJ vs Even and The Miz - Miz returned at MiTB. It was a short match, with AJ getting the pin with help from DBry. Afterwards, we got a nice surprise. DBry said I love you, which he avoided before, and then did an ACTUAL proposal. Wedding's next week!
  • Swagger vs Ryback - Match never started. Swagger jumped Ryback, and gave all the spots, but Ryback eventually came back and just killed Swagger. Poor dude.
  • Promo involving Dolph and Y2J - AWESOME promo. Started off with Ziggler saying he was gonna be the next champion since he won MitB. Jericho came out, and said nothing. Ziggler talked trash saying Y2J was loosing his touch and eventually got Codebreakered for it. Welcome back, face Jericho.
  • Brodus Clay vs JTG - The usual. I've lost all interest in Clay...
  • Punk vs Show - Good little man/ big man match. Show got himself DQed by shoving the ref. No knockout punch, but he layed Punk out.
  • Post match, Cena came out, and Show was on the side. Show tried to convince Cena to cash in the briefcase. But nope, Cena announced that he was cashing it in next week. The show ended with Cena hitting Show on the head with the case.

Good Raw. Looking forward to next week.
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