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    Gene Kitoshi Location- Deepest depths of the Forest:

    As the continued to walk throughout the forest Gene found himself finding no evidence of any suspicious activity, just pokemon minding their own business in their home. This was a bummer, he wanted to find some kind of action before he turned around and headed back to the academy where he'd start teaching. Thought teaching would be fun he wanted to find some Team Rocket before hand. He had heard that some students had come in contact with some Team Rocket members on the island and that the criminal organization might be hiding out around here.

    "My Pokeeeemon!" A voice cried out making Gene and company halt in their tracks as they turned around to see a boy come running towards them bumping into Gene's leg and falling down.

    "Hey there kido what's all the yelling about?" The blonde haired man asked as he crouched down to the boy's level. He put a smile on his face as did his pokemon to make sure the boy felt safe around them Shellblaster could be a tad intimidating around small kids.

    "These bullies took my Axew from me along with some of my other friend's Pokemon!" The child cried as he pointed in the direction of where they ran off too. He stopped crying when Gene placed his hand on his head and ruffled his air a bit.

    "Don't worry kid I'll get your Pokemon back from those bullies no worry about it," Gene said as he got up from his crouched position. "Yeah no worries you've got Pokemon trainer legend X coming to save the day there's no way these bad guys will get away with this," He said with a smirk as he gave the kid a thumbs up as he started to walk off toward where the kid had pointed.

    After a bit of walking he finally reached a small opening surrounded by trees where he saw three men standing around a bag of pokeballs. "Are you the punks who stole Pokemon from some kids?!" Gene growled as he walked up closer to them. As he said that though more men came from the surrounding area, all of them holding pokeballs. Gene quickly let loose the rest of his Pokemon in preperation for battle.

    Calnith Sol NeverWind Location- Swampland:

    The battle with the girl over the Skourpi was growing tiresome and Calnith wanted to get it over with so he could go back to the academy as he was getting tired. "I grow tired of this Colossus Rock Slide on Magmar and Shinryu Outrage on Vibrava," Ordered Calnith has he let out a loud yawn which infruriated the girl he was battling.

    His Pokemon carried out their orders hitting both of the enemy Pokemon doing critical damage and KOing the both of them in one hit. Calnith wondered at this point if the girl would continue fighting or not. "You know how about you just call it quits it's getting late," The red haired trainer said with a cocky smirk.

    "There's no way I'm calling it quits I still have...," She began to say in response as she noticed that she had left two of her Pokemon at home. Without saying anything she cursed as loud as she could and then ran off after returning her Pokemon swearing that she would find him one day.

    "Well that was a bit strange," Calnith said as he returned his two Pokemon and picked up the pokeball containing the Skorupi and walked toward the academy.
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