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    Wess Stacker

    Wess was suddenly awoken to a shuffling sensation in his hair; he knew what it was. Sitting up on his bed, he dug into his afro to find a small rambunctious lizard scampering in there. It was by far Franklin's favorite way to wake his trainer up. Wess pulled out the little rascal, holding him out in front of him.

    "Okay little guy, what's up?" Wess asked the anxious pokemon.

    "Scragg scragg!" exclaimed Franklin, as he pointed to the foot of Wess' bed.

    Wess should have considered the possibility of Muddy going out for a walk before sleeping; he was a bit of an insomniac.

    "Would you like to help me look for him Frank?"

    Franklin would have replied with a gleeful cry, but he was worried sick for his dear friend. The little pokemon thought he was responsible for Muddy's disappearance, thinking the beanbag chair was the straw that broke the numel's back for what he would put up from him. So Franklin only replied with a nod.

    Perching atop Wess' head, the two set out, leaving Remedy sawing logs.

    Wess' search for Muddy eventually led him to the hallway where the raikou dorms started. He then saw a familiar face: Arti, along with two other boys. Mabye they have seen Muddy?

    "Heya Arti, how are you? Have you seen a Quagsire with a mopey look on his face?"
    Yay Jesus!

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