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    Vinnie Valentine
    - Downstairs Bedroom -

    Vinnie sighed.

    He had just broken up with Veronica, this weeks flavor. For once, he was the one doing the breaking. He just couldn't feel it with this one. He paced around in his room, trying to find something to do. His parents were working, as usual, and his grandma was taking a bath. He was in his spare room because that where his games were. But he wasn't in the mood for mindless gaming. He wanted to figure something out.

    I couldplay the PS3...nah, I've already beaten all of my games...maybe try to finish my monotype run in pokemon? Meh, I'll just get stuck on Lance again and quit. I'm out of new movies, and I don't feel like watching any classics. My books always end the same, my games are old, everything is expected and the ending won't change....

    He continued like this for several minutes. He flopped onto his extra bed, and laid there for half an hour, solving his Rubik's cube over and over. At this point, it took him longer to shuffle it than solve.

    I'm soooooooooo bored...wait!

    He sat upright, and walked over to his old laptop. His new one was in his other room, but this one still worked. He opened it up and logged on to his username in pesterChum.

    Man, he thought, This thing doesn't even have my password on auto long has it been since I stopped using it? Must have been before I met Ricardo, or Candice and Vieve for that matter...Vieve is pretty cute, wonder what she's been up to?

    Just then, he got a new email. It was on the account he used as a kid, so he was pretty curious. He opened it up. It read:


    Contained in this message is a program labeled "SBURB." It is of the highest importance that you install either the "Client File" or the "Server File." A similar message has been sent to Genivieve Gostle, Ricardo Nieto, and Candice Greyson. One of your "friends" shall install the Client File if you choose to install the Server File. Likewise, they shall install the Server File if you choose the Client File. This is very important. Contact your "Friend" and make sure you two know which file to install.

    If you fail to follow the instructions listed above you will die within the next 24 hours.

    Thank you for your time,

    The name signed was impossible to read, the pixels were all scrambled.

    Vinnie was shocked. This had to be some sort of prank. I bet the file is a virus Vinnie thought. However, he was also intrigued. Now would be a good time to find out just exactly what this was. This reminded him of a movie. In the movie, a girl got lost in a video game, so she sent an email to a boy to come save her. In the end, they ended up hooking up. The actress who played the lady in distress was actually really hot. Maybe this was like that movie. He noticed that the email mentioned his friends names of course, so whoever sent this had their facts straight. Vinnie tabbed over to pesterChum.

    Since its an old computer, a virus wouldn't really do much. I might as well humor the prankster.

    He typed this message into the computer:

    Vieve, Ricardo, Candice. You guys will not believe the email I have recieved. Its says I have to install a program on my computer, and that one of you has to install the other file. They said all of you recieved a similar email. It looks like a game, considering the files are "Client" and "Server." Anyone interested?

    ...PS: Vieve, I can't see you right now, but I bet you look cute ;D

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