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Thieves Forest- Ambush Site

Dark Lightning galloped forward with a Wild Charge at two Bastiodon in front of him. The two Ancients faltered, and then fell to the ground. Lyn, who was behind Dark Lightning, sprung forward, matching claws with a Kabutops for a brief moment, but quickly overpowered him. She sprang forward at and alarming speed and rammed right into a huge Armaldo with a tackle, and surprisingly brought it down. Dark Lightning smirked in surprise. She may be young, but she was talented. Hoodhide came in from behind, attacking a Omastar with a Dragon Fang. The Ancient cried out in pain, but still stood, only to be finished off by Calamity with a Night Slash. Lyn smiled at the teamwork they put in, seeing from all sides how the Gold Tribe advanced closer into the circle where the brother was, as well as the other prisoners. Lyn was then surrounded by another group of mixed Ancients, shooing the rest of the Gold Tribe forward while she held these off. Dark Lightning and Hoodhide both sprang with an array of attacks at the Ancients in the front. Calamity got held behind covering any missed targets, but so far, everything was going according to plan.

But then Lyn heard from behind Defender yell something at them. "Check the prisoners first!" He shouted out to his brothers and sisters charging in. "They could be enemies in disguise!"

Lyn looked back at Defender in a bit of confusion, before processing his words and looking back forward where the other two were.


Thieves Forest- Thieves Village

Zane nervously paced back and forth inside the Decreement in front of Roswell, who sat comfortably on his chair, watching him. Gladius and Dryad were also both there, standing and waiting for any news on the others.

"You know..." Roswell began, clearly annoyed by Zane's pacing, "...they're not going to come back any faster if you keep pacing like that. Just relax. I'm sure everything will be fine."

"You wouldn't understand." Zane said to him with a dirty look, before continuing pacing. "These aren't just my soldiers. They're my brothers and sisters. Friends. We have all sworn the same oath. We're connected in that way, a way you wouldn't understand."

Roswell rolled his eyes in response. "Yea, yea. I know all about your nonsense. It's all a bunch of bullsh*t to me." He shook his head. "You Gold Tribe. You're all the same. Pompous and arrogant."

Zane turned angrily at Roswell. "We have made it our duty to defend and protect the Alpha Alliance! Every day, we lay down our lives for the Pokemon who live there!"

Roswell stood up, matching Zane's angered expression. "You're not the only one." He said. Zane stared at him, confused. "I was once apart of the Gold Tribe too." Zane's expression grew wide, as he was unable to mask his shock, no matter how he tried. "Yea, that's right. I used to be all 'brother and sister' just like the rest of you. It was a long time ago, many, many years ago. I was an up-and-coming Gold Tribe member straight out of the Heroes Alliance School. I thought I would grow up to be just as noble and true as the rest of them from the stories. But they never teach you the ugly side of it all. I once had a friend, a friend who got on the bad side of the law a few times. Nothing serious. Just enough to get by. He got mixed up with some serious things one day. He didn't do anything bad. He just gathered info for a thief, a pretty notorious one. He was bad stuff. Murder, harm, all of that. But not my friend. He was a good egg. He just wanted to make it by." Roswell sighed, and started pacing a bit as he continued. "One day, I was sent on a mission with a few of my brothers to take down their operation. We went in, they resisted. Most of them were too prideful to surrender to Gold Tribe. We had to kill them, but it didn't stop there. My group leader ordered us to kill everyone there. He said they were all threats to the peace of the Alpha Alliance. My friend was among them...I had to watch as my so-called brothers and sisters slaughtered Pokemon just because they carried the label as a 'thief' of the Thieves Forest, no matter what their crime may or may not have been..."

Roswell turned to Zane, who remained silent throughout the story. He looked down in shame. "I left the Gold Tribe after that. Went to the Thieves Forest to become one of them. I promised I would do everything I could to protect them from anyone on the outside. Always." Roswell buried his hands in his face.

"I...I'm sorry, Roswell. I never knew about any of that." He said, unable to bring himself to say anything else. Roswell removed his hands from his face and turned to Zane. To Zane's surprise, Roswell was smiling.

But it wasn't a normal smile. It was highly irregular, to be put plainly. It made a shiver crawl down Zane's spine.

"Do you remember what I first told you when you first came into the Thieves Forest, Zane?" Roswell said with the same smile on his face.


Thieves Forest-Ambush Site

"Watch out, brothers! They could be Sentinels in disguise!" Lyn shouted at Dark Lightning and Hoodhide. But they were too far ahead in the chaos to hear here outright. Lyn continued fighting forward in an effort to get close enough for them to hear. Dark Lightning strode forward, knocking back a Cradily separating the prisoners and themselves. Hoodehide used a Dragon Dance to gain momentum and ferocity, and unleashed a High Jump Kick on a Kabutops. Dark Lightning then made an opening with a Wild Charge. Just before they approached the prisoners, Hoodhide could hear yelling coming from behind. He turned to see Guardia yelling something, and as he made it out, he turned around to see Dark Lightning reach the prisoners, and turned to talk to the Lucario.

"You are Roswell's brother, correct? We're here to rescue you." He said, removing the cloak off of the Lucario. But just as he grabbed for it, the figure of the Lucario just vanished in a puff of smoke.

Dark Lightning stared blankly in confusion for a moment as the brother seemed to vanish right in front of him. He then slowly began to understand his position, and turned to the other prisoners. The Weavile, Scizor and Shiftry seemed to be gone as well, but the other one remained. Slowly, the Typhlosion removed his sack over his head, revealing a set of scars traveling across his black and yellow fur up to his head. He had an ice cold look across his face, as if he knew he wasn't one to be crossed, and for good reason. Dark Lightning's eyes grew wide at the realization of who it was. Many years ago, when he was a member of the Gold Tribe, known as "FireStorm", and was renown as a Pokemon with intense raw power. When he came back as a member of the Sentinels, that reputation only increased, the Typhlosion becoming increasingly known as the most destructive Pokemon in all of Valkaria.

Allen "The Inferno" Fury.

The Inferno lifted his arms and, before Dark Lightning could react in any way, bombarded Dark Lightning with a devastating Fire Blast. The flames surrounded the area, and were propelled at the Zebstricka all at once, an intense wave of destruction engulfing him and flinging him across the plains. The entire surrounding area was scarred with ash and flame as The Inferno released another powerful Flamethrower at Hoodhide.

The two Gold Tribe members hit the ground relatively at the same time. Dark Lightning struggled to get up, gravely injured. Hoodhide didn't move at all.

Lyn opened her eyes in shock, trying to get a grasp at what had just happened. But it wasn't done yet. At the same time as the two had fallen, the ground erupted with what appeared to be earthquakes, only to see the ground opening in certain areas, forming holes in all corners of the pass. From the holes, Ancients starting pouring from all around. The pass slowly began to get covered with them from all sides. They were slowly surrounded not just by a escort of Ancient, but by an entire army. Speculum turned back hoping to try to retreat into the forest, only to see "Scar", another Sentinel, blocking the path with another platoon of Ancients. Scar cleaned off his claws, having recently killed the teleporters the thieves brought with them.

Noctus cursed. "What the hell is going on?!" He shouted.

"Can't you guess?" Another voice said to him from the side. Lyn and Noctus turned to see the source of it, only to find another person they didn't wish to see. Drake "Sentry" Nol, yet another Sentinel. "The King of Thieves has delivered the Gold Tribe to us, just as promised. I've wanted to see the last of you hunted down and killed for many years now, and thanks to our deal with him, it seems that the day has finally arrived."

Noctus recalled something the King said to him the day before, when they were preparing the ambush. "I'm depending on you, Noctus. And I'm sorry for this." He opened his eyes wide in realization of what the King had done to him, and to the others on this mission.

Lyn looked all around at what was in front of them. An army of ancients on all sides, and at the helm, three Sentinels. There was no way they would be able to get out of this one. There were too many, even for them to get out of. Was this it? Was this the end of them as they knew it? Lyn pondered that their only chance of escape now was with TrueStriker and his teleport, but they could only get out if they were all positioned together, and they were all across the battlefield. But could she really ask Bloodthirster and TrueStriker to abandon their hiding positions just to save them, and risk them all getting killed? Or should she keep their spots hidden, and let at least those two escape, leaving the rest of them to die here? She didn't know, and she ran out of time to think.

"Attack." The Inferno commanded, and all at once, the Ancients screamed, and attacked.


Thieves Forest- The Decreement

"I told you that you had to remember something when you were here: Not everything is as it always appears." Roswell said to Zane.

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