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Victoria “Alys” Taimor – The Broken Keg, Dalenham

Victoria leaned back on her chair, gently sipping her Fire Ale feeling the cold liquid flow down her throat and produce a slightly warmer sensation in the back of her throat the more she drank. She couldn’t help but laugh as Cassandra, after only a couple of drinks, threw herself in a drunken frenzy and rage at a man who had happened to turn around and talk to Varian. She watched Cassandra toss the beer at the general direction of the man, catching a nearby Patron in the head. Although the fight was entertaining as Cassandra drunkenly bashed this man, Victoria was rather sick of fighting. They had a job now, another one in fact due to the merchant that had approached them before, so she was hoping to have a little bit of down time to relax; ultimately to let her aching should heal. What worried her was whether or not she would be able to string her bow. Right now, she had to use her left hand to drink with; the pain being too much for her at this time.

Instead, Victoria turned her focus from the pub brawl to Ava next to her. The fight soon ended in Cassandra copping a beer mug to the head while the victorious fighter stood overtop, proclaiming his worthiness at beating a drunken woman. Victoria inwardly scoffed at the man, how could someone think they were strong when they had just beaten a drunken woman unconscious? Victoria wasn’t too sure she was going to get along with someone like that.

“So Ava, what is your story?”