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    Originally Posted by Ark_Silvanos View Post
    ah... haha ur right... it would make sense for it to reset it based on the flag and not randomly ... I dont know where my brain was when i was thinking that... but then we wouldn't be able to see the ability unless it was in our party, right? or is that how hidden abilites are supposed to work? Like ur not supposed to see em, they just work?

    Wouldn't it just be easier to use the pokerus flag itself? like if we use the upper 4 bits while keeping the lower 4 bits 0, then the pokemon would never contract pokerus (cuz i believe pokerus is coded in the game, it just is never used), and the upper 4 bits can be put to use.
    This would also serve a nifty dual-purpose...the little dot that indicates that a Pokemon has had Pokerus before could be repurposed as a "Dream World" indicator.

    If anything, we'd still have to rework fair amounts of the code, such as the code that displays which ability a Pokemon'd have. It would have to display by reading the "Ability" byte, and then displaying whatever ability corresponds with that byte. Just another thing to modify...

    ah k... i didn't kno that... so when u encounter a pokemon (trainer or wild) the entire 100 bytes for the pokemon gets generated?

    doesnt JPAN have a routine that decrypts it as part of his hacked engine? u could use that as a base...
    I was hoping to not have to mess around with trying to find the ASM of the original special, and even then, try to decipher it. I do know that his decryption formula is a little stores the unencrypted data in one spot, and each different data section in one of four locations. I don't know whether that makes it easier or harder to work with, though...I was hoping to maybe get some other input on the subject.

    For the formes, I've got a small idea about how they might work, at least, graphically speaking. One could make a larger-than-usual Pokemon sprite, similar to the ones in Emerald. You could then read the Forme Change byte, and depending on its value, shift up the image to display one of the other frames. This would just require a small addition to the graphics display code that draws the Front sprite of the opponent, Back sprite of your team, the preview in the PC, the party summary, and possibly the "ShowPokemonPic" command.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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