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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
Played the beta after I got it. So here is what I found:

In the 2nd town *forgot the name & too lazy to find it lol* the sign you can walk on it if you to the right or left of it. It's fine when you go up or down thou.

In Pewter city, you can walk on the pokemart building.

When you get the running shoes & try to run the character chances to a funky version of the original hero/ian.

Also don't know if its just me, but when I try to leave Pewter city & try to go to the 2nd gym after the 1st battle the rom gets funny. It does 1 of 2 things, either my character gets stuck & I can move the screen a bit until it gets stuck or my character gets stuck & I see a dis-colored version of the character taking over 1 of the other trainers & can move a bit until it gets stuck.

One more thing if it's too much hassle, I thing you should a dd a .txt in the .zip that includes how each digimon can digivolve & what their stats need to be. Bc there are a few digimon I'm trying to find like veemon.
Originally Posted by Zaloog91 View Post
Awesome beta though I cannot seem to get to Mt. Moon I get glitched on the route. Also on the route heading towards Viridian Forest there is an unknown digimon that some times pops up.
I'm not sure about this glitched route problem, but I fixed the tile errors. I'm gonna have to look into this glitch a little later in the week when I have time. Hopefully I'll have a patch for it by then.

Originally Posted by AbusingPorky View Post
I've been looking forward to a beta for so long now, glad it's finally out. It's looking great so far. Are the master balls going to stay free in future betas? It kinda makes things more fun to not have to worry about having low level Digimon to weaken the wild ones.

The only trouble I've had so far is after T.K's gym when I get the running shoes. It's been mentioned here a few posts above actually, when I run it changes my sprite a little bit, and then after a trainer battle (especially if I hold spacebar to speed up the game) I take control of an NPC until the game freezes.

One last thing, I'm thinking about playing through this on youtube while it's going through betas just to see what digivolutions I can find and hopefully show other people. My channel isn't big or anything, but I wanted to start uploading again. Would you guys mind if I did start uploading this?
I'm not sure about the master balls. That's mostly there for testing purposes. The running shoes do that because we haven't made a running sprite yet, and we changed the original character palette, so what you're seeing is a palette error that will be fixed soon.

Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
It could be me, I'm not sure. But I'm positive my Koromon digivolved into Agumon at lv5, but in the next wild battle, my Agumon was at lv4 & I had to raise it up to lv5 again. Wish I would've taken a snapshot, sorries. But I'm still enjoying the hack ^.^
Originally Posted by Loonie View Post
I had the same thing happeand to me too .. DarkRisingGirl ... My puttimon evloved into viximon at lvl 3 but it cameback to lvl 2 agian ...
That's exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for. I'll be sure to start making a list of these. Believe it or not though, it's kinda a benefit because you're getting an extra level of EV's lol.

Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
By the sounds of it, it's because the 2 Digimon have differing Base EXP (I think, maybe also EXP growth). This is fixable in YAPE, in case you wanted help fixing it.
Exactly right.

Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
quick question, does anyone know what level Gatomon will digivolve in this hack
Gatomon doesn't digivolve into Angewomon yet because we haven't completed her sprite yet, but you can fuse her with Ankylomon to create Shakkoumon at Gennai's lab, or digivolve her with the firestone to Lynxmon.

Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
I'm thinking it evolves with the light stone, but I could be wrong.

& here is another question, how can you get veemon?
Jyarimon will digivolve into Demiveemon at level 3 if his Attack is less than his Defense.

To help you out a little, I'll post the EVs of the first few digimon you'll encounter including those on routes 1 and 2, and the starters:

Poromon - 1 Speed
Budmon - 1 Speed
Jyarimon - 1 HP
Punimon - 1 Speed
Puttimon - 2 HP
Tanemon - 1 Attack
Poyomon - 2 HP
Tokomon - 3 HP
Chichimon - 1 Attack

We haven't messed with EV's yet, so really what you'll be concerned with is Tanemon and Chichimon. If you want Veemon, make sure you don't battle either of those pokemon with Jyarimon and just use save states to help you out. I didn't realize none of these Digimon had Defense EV's until now. I'll be sure to fix that by the end of the week since it's very important to the hack.

I'll start working on a text document to let you know how to digivolve most digimon too.
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