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AVA - The Broken Keg, Dalenham

Another job! And so quickly! A bright smile creased Avangeline's face at the pay rate as well. Forty silver! That was enough to... well, Avangeline could definitely afford all of those things she had been thinking about before. When questioned if she wanted to, she replied with a happy nod and swallowed a potato skin. When a man fell into the conversation, introducing himself as Elijah Darryon Chapmann, Ava tuned out to watch Cass. Only those born of high birth and wished to brag or those who faked their birth introduced themselves under their full name. Avangeline, not really wanting to share her name, had only introduced herself as Ava when she had first met Varian and Cass. She smiled again and sunk her mouth into the warmth of her scarf as Cass was victor. A voice pulled her out of her trance.

"So Ava, what is your story?"

"Hm?" Ava turned to her companion and raised her eyebrows. Well, a chance to get to know each other! That sounded like fun! "Well, I ran away from home when my father wanted me to marry a person I barely knew. That was five or so summers ago. So I became a mercenary! I am," Avangeline stood up, drawing her swords and striking a pose, "Ava! The red-scarfed elven maiden, who seeks vengence upon all of the men who have ever wronged her! Her scarf is tainted with the blood of her enemies! You'd be wise to avoid crossing paths with her!!"

She gave a laugh and sheathed her swords, feeling a little silly after finishing her mead. Yes, it was such a silly story. She had almost died of laughter when she heard a bard sing a delightful story of an red-scarfed Elven witch who cut off the heads of the men who she slept with. It was so flattering!

"What about you Alys? What's your secret?" Avangeline said with a wink.
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