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    George Edmunds

    "Well I personally would count reading as a hobby. It is something you take great pleasure from doing after all."

    George thought for a moment when his own question was turned back on himself.

    "Well...I used to do a fair bit back home. I had to help my parents with there research and a lot of that research was field work. Diving is possibly my favourite way of spending my time. I mean scuba not just using pokemon although Aber here loves to come with me."
    He smiled at the little pokemon
    "Bui Bui" She nodded back at her trainer with a large smile on her face.
    "Besides that i used to camp and climb but thats was more out of necessity than much else."
    George realised his list was getting rather long and stopped there looking rather sheepish.
    As he did so the Academy came into view and they walked towards the main doors.
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