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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

The battle was unfolding in front of Bloodthirster's eyes. The Gold Tribe progressed towards the prisoners. He could not clearly see what was happening with the prisoners, so he moved from his position. He suddenly had a bad hunch about this; it was way too easy. Bloodthirster stared at Dark Lightning who removed the sack the prisoner whose bottom looked like a Lucario wore. But the next moment, every prisoner disappeared, except the Typhlosion, who removed his own sack and blasted Dark Lightning away with brimming flames. Bloodthirster was apaled when he saw the power of that Pokemon; no wonder he was Inferno, one of the most destructive Pokemon alive. A flamethrower was shot againist Hoodhide, who was sent flying.

Right then, earthquakes shook the ground as it erupted with ancients, an entire army being spawned in the battlefield. Bloodthirster could easily see Sentry and Scar amongst them. He heard Noctus cussing.

"What the hell is going on?!" the Cacturne shouted.

"Can't you guess?"

"The King of Thieves has delivered the Gold Tribe to us, just as promised. I've wanted to see the last of you hunted down and killed for many years now, and thanks to our deal with him, it seems that the day has finally arrived."

The dead silence that followed was unbearable. Bloodthirster always knew it - he was the one to protest againist Roswell, he was the one to always doubt him. He could now not feel sorrow for what had just happened, nor anger. He was feeling nothing, his mind was blank. Would TrueStriker teleport quickly to the Decreement and inform the rest of the Tribe, or would Bloodthirster need to do inform them? He decided that his allies - no, his friends - needed his immediate assistance. TrueStriker was faster than him with his teleport; he hoped the Gallade would be thinking the same right now. Not like it mattered - the ancients could not be fought, even with the help of the Gold Tribe members back in Thieves Village.

Bloodthirster evaluated the situation; the Gold Tribe members were scattered all around the battlefield, with ancients and sentinels surrounding them. He suddenly remembered of the statue of his ancestor, Dragonheart. That Salamence was a truly powerful Pokemon - and all of the dragons in Valkaria were connected with the same blood. Bloodthirster carried the names of all those dragons. A thought crossed his mind, what would Dragonheart do? He took one of the most difficult decisions of his life so far, as he heard the attacking command of Inferno, and the screams of the ancients: he kicked the ground, launching himself in the air, thinking of nothing. His sharp eyes detected the Gold Tribe members from afar; their situation was indeed grim. If I'm going to die helping my... friends, so be it.

The Salamence charged in a silent aerial assault towards the ancients surrounding Hoodhide and Dark Lighting. He took a deep breath, opened his mouth wide and released a powerful hydro pump at the ancients below, blowing them away; he stirred his head while flying towards the Gold Tribe members. The ancients started throwing rocks at him, but he was high enough to avoid them; an Aerodactyl blocked his path, Bloodthirster did a backflip to dodge the hyper beam that was shot againist him. With incredible speed, he bashed onto the Aerodactyl and bit his neck with his thunderous fangs; the ancient was electrocuted to death and suddenly an idea popped into his mind - he impaled the Aerodactyl, unnaffected by the electricity that ran through the bird's body. He released his fangs and shot another stream of water with extreme pressure at Inferno, then stirred it towards the ancients around, hitting alot of them and blowing them back. Water had been spilled all around on the ground; he let the electrocuted Aerodactyl fall directly onto the ancients. Jolts of electricity popped up, stunning a chunkload of ancients and forcing them to back off.

It's not enough, it's not worth fighting them... I must bring the Gold Tribe together!

A brimming blast of fire was shot againist him, the Salamence barely dodging it. He instanly changed direction, taking his eyes from Dark Lightning and Hoodhide and seemingly leaving them to their fates. Bloodthirster was thinking the water and electricity would keep the ancients away from them. As he flew above the sea of raging ancients, he smashed his body againist an attacking Archeops and ripped apart a second one with his claws. After two seconds, he reached Lyn, the closest friend he could find. He dove to the ground, launching another hydro pump at a group of ancients. More took their place soon enough.

In a silent, emotionless state, he landed on the ground next to Lyn, his claws igniting with sacred fire. Looking at it with the edge of his sight, the fire, the symbol of the dragons gave him courage. The image of Dragonheart and the ideals of the Gold Tribe inspired him once again - he was battling again. But what he wanted most now was to save his friends. And to save my friends... I'll take lives.

The ancients that attacked him were thrown away, some impaled and some burned from the intense fire. Bloodthirster was leaving nothing but ruins, rocks and blood as he fought silently. That state did not fit a dragon like him, but he discovered he was able to maintain his calm, and his judgement and reflexes were crystal clear.

The Sentinel Sentry had taken action as well, and the Salamence shot a thick stream of fire againist him, forcing him to back off.
He glanced at Lyn, thinking this was time to go, and not to hone his battling style and skills.

'It's no use fighting them, get on my back and we'll find the rest!'

He did not share his fears about Dark Lightning, who appeared to be dead.

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