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    Hanso's unspoken question about the teleporters was answered. He dared not move as he heard sounds on the forest floor, notably that of someone going after the teleporters. If he moved, he might reveal his position. At the same time, as he watched the ambush unfold, it all went wrong. The prisoners vanished, leaving the Typhlosion to blast Dark Lightning and Hoodhide. Parts of the plains opened up to reveal countless more Ancients. Seeing Speculum turn back and halt, Hanso moved his head to look Scar and more Ancients.

    Noctus cursed. "What the hell is going on?!" He shouted.

    "Can't you guess?" Another voice said: Drake "Sentry" Nol, yet another Sentinel. "The King of Thieves has delivered the Gold Tribe to us, just as promised. I've wanted to see the last of you hunted down and killed for many years now, and thanks to our deal with him, it seems that the day has finally arrived."

    "I’ve got the perfect ambush job for you." That was what Roswell had said. He must've said that to these Sentinels, Hanso thought angrily. If I move fast enough, maybe I can teleport most everyone ou--

    Truestriker teleport over here, grab Noctus and Wildfire and get them out of here! You hear me!? Teleport to Wildfire, secure her and teleport to Noctus, get him and teleport as far away as you can! As far away you hear me!? Then, run, run as fast you all can!
    As Hanso pinpointed the locations of Noctus and Wildfire, another message came from Penance: Don't go back to the city! Under no circumstances go back! If they have us captured here, that means that there is a spy in the city! A spy that overheard our plans! The city is probably long since gone. Don't go to Vigil or the others! They are gone as well by now. Go my brothers, get to safety, now!

    There and there. Hanso teleported to Wildfire's location; some of the Ancients were too close. He cleared out several of the closest with Psycho Cuts before grabbing Wildfire's arm and teleporting again, now to Noctus. With both Wildfire and Noctus in hand, Hanso teleported to the first place he thought of, where it seemed unlikely for Ancients to be around: the border between Liberty Forest and the Sovereign Rainforest.
    As Hanso dumped his pack, which he'd had all along, on the ground, he said to Wildfire and Noctus, "We're between two forests, don't move. No way I'm listening to Penance and leaving everyone but us three." He then teleported back to the edge of the Thieves' Forest.
    Back in his hidden branch, Hanso looked for the rest of the Gold Tribe from his position. He couldn't see Penance, Hoodhide, or Dark Lightning. Ragnaros was on the ground near Lyn; they could fly out. There were too many Ancients around for Hanso to get to any of the Gold Tribe here. Hanso relayed to Ragnaros, "Try to get to the place between Liberty Forest and the Sovereign Rainforest. If you can't get there in a week or two, you and Lyn do what you want."

    Penance had told him not to go back for Vigil or the others. As if I would listen to that. Teleporting halfway across Valkaria was taking its toll on Hanso's energy, but urgency kept him going. And I have something to say to Roswell if I can. Hanso then teleported to the front of the Decreement, where they had all met last, hoping that Vigil and the others were still there. Idiotic to not consider what might be waiting. He would get them out if he could.