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    Candice Greyson

    Today was a very boring day, no doubt about it. All you could think about was skateboards and old songs. The window didn't help either. All it did was cause you to space out. Sometimes you swear you could be using this time wisely by sleeping or playing video games, but you weren't in the mood to do so anyway. It was replaced with another, less boring mood. Curiosity. Just recently an email came in, which caught your attention. The wording of it was not boring at all, like other companies do, but interesting. It's as if they knew you hated boring emails and boring messages. You try to remember what it had said, but to no avail. Instead of trying to figure it out and waste time, you walk over to your boring desk and turn on the Laptop. While you waited for it to turn on, your eyes darted to the fresh poster on the door.

    Posters started to interest you for some reason. Your dad's strange hobby has now stuck to you, which disturbed you at first, but you couldn't help it. He was your dad. Luckily they were all based on the same thing: bears.

    The screen flashed, getting your attention. The email was right there, already open. The words themselves somehow intrigued you:

    Dear Greyson,

    By the time you have opened this, you are probably bored out of your mind. No need exit out now, for what I am about to say will give your life a bit of a "spark." Did you ever want to be in a game? One that took place in real life? Not some old television or computer screen, but right in front of you to experience? I know you do. Attached to this email are two files: Server and Client. Which ever one you install depends on your decision. Want to be the victim? Be the client. Want to be the one in control of the victim? Be the server. If you do not follow these instructions, you will suffer great consequences. No really, you really will suffer consequences. It's better not to find out, so just contact one of your three other friends who received a similar email and install.

    What was so funny about this email was how it didn't come included with some signature. At the bottom left corner was a very small name, but unreadable. If that was the signature, you couldn't make out the sender's name or anything. For the first time in months, there was something exciting to do besides skateboarding and pestering. Lazily, you get on to Pesterchum and see what your friends have a say in this. It seems loverboy had already asked for volunteers.

    Unknown as to how to respond, you stand and pace around the room. Being the server meant being the leader, and having to manipulate any of your friends. That sounded like a ton of fun, yet at the same time you wanted to experience as much as you can out of the game. Maybe being the client wasn't so bad, seeing as she gets to be tormented. You'd rather be surprised by the Server than surprise the Client.

    Sitting back down on the metal chair, you don't hesitate to write out your opinion on the subject:

    CG: I take Client, if that helps any.