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Originally Posted by 徳清アキオ View Post
While my RP slowly comes into gear, I had a fun idea, though a bit complicated. A new RP that I definitely can't work on right now, seeing as my SF/DW has only recently begun.

Monster Hunter RP
Ever played on of the games? They came out on PlayStations and PSPs. I played Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, have it as the only game for my PSP. I would have sold my PSP, if I hadn't enjoyed the game so much.

My point is, I think it would be a great Roleplay. The difficulty comes down to a few rather headache-inducing issues for a GM:
  • Character inventory, and whether the GM keeps track or trusts the player to.
  • Equipment creation and crafting materials, you could go off of the game's stats and items or create your own, but both ways seem terribly difficult.
  • Damage counters and the effort it takes to defeat a boss, whether using HP and math, or going "realistically" based on the types of hits and amount of injury.
  • Considering how long a hunter can last before passing out and being returned to the campsite.
  • Determining what herbs/bugs/fish/ores you find when you gather items.
  • Creating a system of quests for players to take, the biggest headache of all.

There's plenty more things to go over; Monster Hunter would probably become a famous and loved RP, but it'd take a master GM with the mind of a mad scientist and an expert memory.

I couldn't possibly do something to this catastrophic effect, so I'll leave the idea out for anyone else who thinks they're capable.

Any input/comments/feedback?

Anyone ever even played Monster Hunter?
I've never played the games, but I think you might be throwing too many logistics into it, which is going to make it rather impossible to keep track of.

The only points you listed which are worth implementing, in my mind, are:
  • Inventory (relatively simple, as long as you limit the number of items and not go OTT).
  • Quests (Obviously needed to keep them all busy! Since you've played one of the games you could always rehash quests from that, since I assume the main purpose would be the standard 'go here/protect him/slay this' kind of quests).
Passing out could instead be controlled by a structured day/night system. If plays have to pass out and go back to a campsite it could severely halt the progress of the whole group.

Equipment isn't necessary in RPs, except for aesthetic and description. There is no use having literal stats, although special received items could easily have descriptions such as 'increases your characters speed', which can then be written in by the player.

Damage/Boss Battles is again nothing too special to RP. Consider we manage this all the time in Pokémon RPs. Simply set some kind of standard, let players leave their posts on what they think is a 'finishing' move, then tell them (in OOC or IC) if the attack was successful/general outcome.

Errr I think that's all I can give in terms of ideas, unless I quickly read up on the mechanics of Monster Hunter - but yeah, I think you should try and separate the idea from the rigid mechanics of a game.