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Just to respond to removing crits, I think we should follow the game mechanics. The game we play is not competitive Pokemon, it is simply Pokemon. Are critical hits annoying at the best of times? Sure. So is Focus Blast or Stone Edge missing. I don't think legislating hax out of the game is practical or ideal. I tend to agree with tj that it adds some "charm" to the game. And so what if you lose due to a crit? You can just play another match. I also feel like it doesn't actually address the OP in that their removal won't add balance to the metagame at all, they will just remove one element of chance when many more will still remain anyway. I do agree that banning evasion abilities is something to consider though. It's not much different than banning Double Team, I wouldn't think.

Anyway, to discuss the question in the OP, I think that weather would be a good place to start. I think if you banned auto-weather (except Hail...) a lot of Pokemon would become less potent, and I think that the less powerful the Pokemon are, the more games are decided by the play and skill of the battlers and not by the stats, typing, etc. of a Pokemon. I also think it makes teambuilding easier because there are fewer threats to prepare for and by extension a higher percentage of threats that you can reasonably cover. In other words, you won't have as many Pokemon that you just can't beat, and really, when that happens, Pokemon is just a teambuilding match instead of an actual match. That is pretty much my problem with BW OU--it seems like a crapshoot of sorts. It's not that weather is broken, it's that I think it throws off the balance of the game and makes it less fun to play.

I doubt that would be a magic potion that would fix everything, but no metagame is perfect. I don't think it's a huge deal though either way because other metagames exist and you can always play those. It does suck when the most popular one can be very frustrating to play though.
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