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    If they wanted to replace Ash, they should have done it after Sinnoh, imo. He was nearly done with that, and they nearly rebooted the anime at the start of BW. It would have been perfect. Unova is probably the best point to have a reboot anime, so Ash would have been done at that. Besides, I'm still firm about Ash winning in the Sinnoh League. He could have won, called him a Pokemon Master, and move on to the next ten year old in line. Why? Because at this point, most of the Pokemon fans from the beginning were already dropping the franchise, so a newer audience was starting to watch the anime. This is why I don't see how people wouldn't be all that pissed off if Ash was dropped. They're not watching the anime anymore. The Pokemon anime is geared towards kids about Ash's age.

    His personality is intolerable, because it's the same every region without any sort of development. Actually, any development that he goes through is thrown out the window once the next region comes around. I hate that. I wouldn't mind keeping Ash around if he actually developed and learned a thing or two, but he's completely static. That's why I want him gone. Even if the next protagonist is a carbon copy of Ash, at least it's a new design I'd get used to, or possibly a personality shift, which would be a lot better. I loved the Raikou: Legend of Thunder! mini-series, because I got to see a whole new situation in Pokemon with the characters, like Jimmy having a romantic interest and stuff. That's something new.

    Of course, there's the issue of Ash & Pikachu being the mascots, but I don't see that as too much of a problem. If it really mattered, Ash could be a recurring character in the anime, or at least mentioned every now and then, so some viewers would be content with that. On the flip side, some won't be happy with that, but you can't please every single fan out there, so why try?

    In short, they could have thrown Ash away and dealt with him relatively easily. Instead, the writers kept the 'safest' option and kept him in the mix for a good while to come. I'd have loved to see him gone, and still do, but they missed their chance. Damn you, Pokemon.