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    I just don't see your observation to be valid, or rather exaggerated with nothing to gain from it.

    Someone once pointed out my fire starter looked like Flareon. I realised its true and completely redid it. You say Akalibur looks like Reshiram, but I don't see it. Especially when the only real change is the wings, which did not and do not look like Reshirams at all.

    Frankly I couldn't believe you are actually being serious.

    Akalibur was however heavily inspired by Ho-oh. It started with the idea of making an opposite version of it. Reshiram was nowhere in the process. The tails don't look similar at all. Its a bird with an icicle face. Reshiram is a heavenly dragon. I was thinking it might be the pose making the look similar, but even there one is proudly holding its head high, while the other is leaned head downwards with its back out... x_x

    Anyhow, finished Yumra 2.0
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