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    Danielle kindly led Lusca and Mark to the dorms, not too far away from where they just were. Lusca felt kind of ignorant. How was he supposed to know that the dorms were right past the cafeteria hall? But he did have a pretty legitimate excuse. He was new after all, and having Danielle show him around definitely served its purpose. The main lobby was definitely not what Lusca had expected. It surpassed that. There where dozens of Suicuners lining the walls and hallways, in conversations and other debates from what he could tell.

    “Well Lusca, you're in the dorms! You might want to ask the dorm manager over there to show you your room." Danielle said with a smile.

    "Ah okay thanks." Lusca said. "Your room must be somewhere on this floor?"

    "Actually..." she replied. “Mine's upstairs. Haven't been there since this...morning?”

    Her last sentence came out as more of a question than an answer. But whatever the case, Lusca knew that there was at least 3 people, Danielle included, that he could come to in case he didn't get adjusted to things too quickly. He looked over to the reception desk, nervous about what to say and how to say it, but the thought quickly fanned itself away. What's the worst you could ask a receptionist without purposely sounding like a complete idiot? He noticed Ozzy jump from Danielle's shoulder as he observed a lone Rattata. Lusca wondered if he was about to attack, but from Danielle's reaction, nothing of the sort would have taken place.

    Before Lusca decided to walk up and address the desk clerk, Danielle began to frown and stopped him in his tracks. “I...wanted to apologize about earlier. I didn't mean to go off on that guy. I know he was sorry for everything, it's just that I...have a weird competitive attitude.” She scratched the back of her head, with her eyes moving around...not making too much eye contact. “Hopefully before classes begin, I can find Lucia and we'll sort things out.”

    Lusca merely rolled his eyes and walked over to Danielle with a smile. "Don't worry yourself about that, Danielle." he said, hands gesturing as he spoke. "Anyone would've gotten upset so, if anything, you had a right to be! I don't too much care for that kid anyway. In all the commotion, he'd even stopped me from eating before we left!"

    Lusca began to laugh at this, but he soon remembered Lucia as well. "I'm not sure if Lucia will be too quick to ignore and forgive what Issac said to her-to all of us really, even Mark. If you do want to see if she's alright, I'd be happy to join you..." He turned to Mark with a smile as well. "You'll come along too, won't you?"

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