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Ehhh, I don't know, mate. I thought it was fairly well. Predictable? Definitely. But that doesn't really make it bad, does it? They were good matches, still. Well, most of them. The SD! Ladder Match did have a few botches, although they weren't that. I'm not a Sin Cara hater, so I won't rip on him for the messed up moonsault flip. I recall Tensai messing up at one part, too. But you have to admit there were awesome spots, like Kidd's ladder stunt, I think it was a sunset flip. Had the crowd chanting Holy ****. I agree with everything else, and I do have to admit, the Raw Ladder match was sad. I knew Cena'd win, and I'm not REALLY upset. On the bright side, he's gonna loose it soon, I think. It's gonna be Lesnar vs Rock @ Mania. So I have hope.