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Thieves Forest- Ambush Site- 12 hours earlier

"I'm going to overlook things here for a bit, but I'll see you back in the village before you head out tomorrow." Roswell said, to which Zane nodded in response. A second later, they vanished, leaving Roswell to tend to the ambush. He sighed, and turned to the others. "Alright, we have work to do. Make those ditches bigger, and off to the sides, just as we talked about before."

The thieves immediately went to work. From Roswell's side came a Scizor, Drake "Sentry". "Good work." He said to him, but even in a compliment it sounded cold.

"This is all part of the deal, right? You give me your word?" Roswell asked. Sentry nodded.

"If you come through on your end, we will come through on ours. If the Gold Tribe is led into our ambush, the Silver Tribe will leave Eden Forest alone for all of our reign. You are free to live in your dirthole all your want. We will also free your brother from the Silver City torturehouse. You do realize though, that those thieves who you do send with the Gold Tribe apart of the plan are doomed to die with them, though, right?"

Roswell nodded as he contained his obvious anger at the Sentinel as he strode off to observe the plan coming together. He was doing this for the lives of the thousands in the forest. And for his brother who dwelled in the worst of Silver City. He had to remember that.


Thieves Forest- Ambush Site

Lyn was slowly encircled by Ancients, and with the rest of her brothers and sisters scattered across the pass, she began to fight them off as best she could. She rammed into a set of them with a Tackle, forcing hem back, only for more to go in after her from behind, including a Bastiodon and Omastar. She slashed at the Omaster, while using her claws to crush at the Bastiodon. Both enemies fell, but were replaced with more. The ones she originally tackled also came to and got back up.

The Inferno strode towards the others, ready to do battle with them. The Salamence Ragnaros just then released a wave of water pressured to the extreme at the Typhlosion. However, the Inferno recognized his weakness, but nevertheless met it. He matched the water attack with his own Hyper Beam, and the two collided momentarily, before erupting in an explosion of energy. The Inferno looked around for the same target, only to see that he had moved on in the confusion of the attacks.

Speculum meanwhile transformed into a Grovyle, one of his usual disguises, and launched a Leaf Blade at a Kabutops, who took the impact head on in a foolish move to try to launch a head on hit to Speculum, only to fall prematurely. An Aerodactyl swooped in from the sky, but quick thinking and a Razor Leaf saved Speculum from an aerial assault, and caused the Aerodactyl to cry out in pain. Three more Ancients surrounded Speculum, who decided to use a Leaf Storm to hold them off. The three were taken down, but only more took their place. Speculum groaned and continued to fight, only to see in his peripheral vision that Scar was closeby, and closing in fast. Even for a Gold Tribe member, the slight fear of having to face a Sentinel one-on-one was a bit too much for him to handle, and he elected to retreat to a further portion of the battle, deeper inside the center.

Lyn got a slight break as she forced another group of Ancients to the ground around her. She panted heavily as she took a look around. Speculum made a few jumps back as he fired as he backed up, appearing to try to elude the Sentinel Scar while still fighting the Ancients. Defender was not too far away, but he looked like he was in very bad shape. Lyn wouldn't let that happen. Not yet. She rammed forward at a group of Ancients in the way, flinging them around with a tackle. She then slashed the back of a Bastiodon, and used a Crush Claw on a nearby Cradily. Two additional Armaldo now charged at her, but she used her quick reflexes and agility to jump over their attacks and continue forward. After a few more strides, she was close to Defender, who seemed on the verge of collapse. She grabbed hold of him and shook him.

"Hey!" She yelled at him. "No you don't! Not yet. We're not losing anyone else!" She shook his body violently so he could stay with him.

Speculum came to them, close from the other side, and Ragnaros came forward to Lyn as well. Lyn looked around again. Hoodhide lay a while away, unable to be reached, but the Ancients seeming not to pay him any more mind. Lyn couldn't even see Dark Lightning's position anymore, mostly because of the large amount of Ancients in the way. The Inferno and Sentry just finished off what she believed to be the last group of thieves in the area.

'It's no use fighting them, get on my back and we'll find the rest!' Ragnaros yelled to them. Lyn looked off to try to get a look at Wildfire or Noctus's position. They were gone. Calamity was nowhere to be seen. She looked over at where TrueStriker was. Gone as well. The three Sentinels, no, now four it seemed, as a Tyranitar made his entrance as well, someone Lyn was familiar with as a 9th Sentinel. She turned to Ragnaros and smiled.

"There is no one else, brother." She said, and ran forward, right at the Inferno, attempting to take him on head on. Ragnaros began to be entangled with the Tyranitar, and Speculum turned to face Sentry. He was frightened, but his duty overpowered his fear, and he went forward at him, launching a Razor Leaf at the Sentinel. But Sentry was too fast, using Agility to maneuver around, and slicing at Speculum with a slash of his claws. Speculum doubled back, injured, but refusing to give up.

Scar walked right in front of Defender. "You...I recall you back at the torturehouse...." he said, eyeing the Golduck. "I let you escape last time. But not this time." He said, as he ran forward at the Golduck, attempting a Close Combat on him.


Thieves Forest- The Decreement

Before Zane could give any real response, Hanso burst through the front doors, and approached inside the Decreement. Roswell gave a slight look of confusion, as did Zane, but both of their confusion were for different reasons.

"TrueStriker? What are you doing here? Have you already rescued the brother? Where are the others?" Zane asked him, bewildered. While Gladius, Dryad and Zane all faced him, Roswell made a slight signal with his hands, and slowly and very inconspicuously, thieves started gathering at them, slowly but surely.


Soverign Rainforest, Liberty Forest

Noctus opened his eyes a moment later, to see himself gone from the battle, with only the Gallade and the Infernape there with him.

"We're between two forests, don't move. No way I'm listening to Penance and leaving everyone but us three." Noctus didn't even get a chance to protest as he disappeared before he got the chance. Noctus was shocked, still unsure of exactly what happened. Some blood tickled down his side from a hit he took on the battle, but he didn't even bother to pay it any mind.

"Did you know that this was what Roswell had planned?" Wildfire asked Noctus. Noctus lifted his eyes up to her, unable to say.

"N-no, I didn't! I...I don't understand...any of this. Why? Why would he do this? He knew...he knew we were going to be there with you, but they attacked us anyways....did he plan this? I don't get...I don't understand..."

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