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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

The Zangoose turned to Bloodthirster and smiled; the dragon momentarily wondered where she found the courage to smile. Speculum and Defender were also nearby - the sight of his allies soothed his soul.

"There is no one else, brother." Lyn said and ran towards the Inferno; Bloodthirster caught Speculum in his Grovyle form charging at Sentry. He admired their courage, the courage of the Gold Tribe that was joining together to boost his. No. We're not alone. Just then, a message from Hanso arrived.
Try to get to the place between Liberty Forest and the Sovereign Rainforest. If you can't get there in a week or two, you and Lyn do what you want.

Hanso, things've changed - I can't get them out of the fight. You probably should stay with Vigil...

Both of his friends were fighting with Sentinels, and so would Bloodthirster. He prepared to take off, to meet the last Sentinel on the battlefield, Scar. But just as he was launching himself from the ground, a wave of dust hit him; he heard a rambling sound from the ground behind him.

"Are you a coward, or a dragon!?"

The voice was heard and the sound of sharp rocks being flinged in the air resonated in Bloodthirster's ears. Keeping his calm, he tumbled in the air and swinged his hole body, smashing his tail againist the rock which was shattered. He eyed the one who had called him coward - a Tyranitar... he recognized the Sentinel Sovereign in his face. Little was known about him, but Bloodthirster was sure about one thing: he was one of the most powerful Pokemon in the region. The thought of him being unable to stand up to him did not even cross his mind; he was instead thinking that he now had a Sentinel to keep busy, and that his taunts surely had no effect on his pride.

The second Bloodthirster spent evaluating his enemy seemed like an eternity, but it soon passed and the dragon's entire body ignited in blue and red flames, inducing the dragon's rush into his blood stream. He charged againist the Tyranitar with the golden emblem flashing on his tail, launching a brutal assault, a series of vigorous but precise hits with his claws.

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