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    Be nice…

    Ricardo Nieto

    You are standing in the middle of your room. You don't know why you would do this, but it allows us to see your interests. To your left is your bed; it is untidy, as if you were just laying on it, and your MacBook Pro is lying there, just chilling. Your back is facing a large window… seriously, it's huge, and facing east… no wonder you always keep the blinds closed. Anyways, next to it is your pirate chest… you don't like pirates anymore, you're into computer games now, but it is from your childhood, and there's no point to buying another chest. To your right is your desk with your desktop; it is also very untidy and seems to be overflowing with legos, both individual or in the process of being built into something… you should consider cleaning, but you shake the thought away. To your right, finally, is your bathroom door… and more legos scattered around; actually, they seem to just be all over the place… you just choose to ignore them.

    Suddenly you hear a knock at your door. Your mom, you know. The thought makes you hiss under your breath as you pounce into your bed and start fake-snoring.

    "He's asleep mom, I bet he doesn't even want to come." You hear your brother tell her…

    "Yeah, no **** Sherlock." You think.

    Your door shuts. You think about getting out of bed now, but you're not nearly dumb enough to do so. Your door reopens. "Tricky pricks!" you think angrily.

    Your door closes once more, but you choose to stay in bed. Finally you hear the garage door opening. Safe.

    You get up and move your curtains ever so slightly to look out your window and see your mom's car moving down the driveway, and "Doorman #1" opening the gate for her. God, you have so many "doormen" you can't even keep count of them.

    You now notice your brother flipping you off from the passenger seat without even looking back… he's so damn cool it makes you wanna vomit. Anyways, as I said, you're free now. Time to see if your Chum Buddies are online to verify what's up with the e-mail you got.

    After logging on to PesterChum, you notice Vinnie left a memo… again. Have you considered why you hate memos so much? Other than the fact that there's no such thing as privacy on them and that conversations tend to degenerate into word orgies rather than sensible dialogues. No, you don't need to… those reasons are enough. You sigh before proceeding to read the memo:
    Vieve, Ricardo, Candice. You guys will not believe the email I have recieved. Its says I have to install a program on my computer, and that one of you has to install the other file. They said all of you recieved a similar email. It looks like a game, considering the files are "Client" and "Server." Anyone interested?

    ...PS: Vieve, I can't see you right now, but I bet you look cute ;D
    Yeah, that was about as bad as you thought it would be… freaking Vinnie having to flaunt his goddamn womanizing ways for the world to see. How this corniness even worked/works you'll never know… but you do know it's annoying.

    Noticing that Vieve is the only person who's not online yet, you sigh and open a conversation with Vinnie:
    Ricardo began pestering Vinnie
    RC: → I got the e-mail too buddy.
    RC: → What happened with Nazi Zombie night last week, you prick?
    RC: → Ditched me for one of your honeys again???
    RC: → D:<
    RC: → Never mind, it's cool. I'm downloading the Server version as we speak.
    RC: → Vieve's mad at you again though.
    RC: → Says you're insensitive for writing stupid stuff on memos.
    RC: → What are you doing anyways? Answer goddamn it!
    RC: → I guess you should install the Server too, by the way.
    RC: → Candice wants to do the Client version and it seems Vieve isn't trying to play with you right now…
    RC: → ):

    Ricardo stopped pestering Vinnie
    Okay then, time to pester Vieve you guess.
    Ricardo began pestering Genevieve
    RC: → Hey, Vieve!
    RC: → Install the Client version.
    RC: → Candice and Vinnie are already about to start their session you sleepyhead!
    RC: → Anyways, hit me up… and DON'T BOTHER THEM!!!
    RC: → Looks like they think the game's really cool…
    RC: → /Shrugs.
    RC: → -skeez
    RC: → d:

    Ricardo stopped pestering Genevieve.
    You don't know when you started saying -skeez really, but you shrug. Seems like it's more of a reflex than anything now anyways.