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Yeah, oh about my post. And yours. Do Ricardo's family have, like, servants running about the house? Or is it just the family?
I know what you mean, when I first started reading it, I didn't want to go to sleep. Darn addictive comic shenanigans.

The blind girl is Terezi, she's also awesome, but I didn't quite get her personality. Vriska is bipolar or something so we know she's totally unpredictable. But Terezi is unpredictable in an annoying way. Her and Dave's relation is adorable though. Also, adiosToreador is Tavros :3 Poor thing.

EDIT: Actually, I'd prefer if you guys didn't write in second person. You can if you really think it looks better / is more fun / easier - I won't force you not to - but it makes more sense for me to do it since I am the narrator and is talking relatively directly to... hm, to your character's subconscious xD

EDIT2: Retro Bug posted too, so now you're all clear to chat away or do whatever until you feel like you want to start playing SBURB. End a post when you've begun installing the game, because when the first person has done that, I'll post the next narrative.
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