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    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Your opinion on what is good enough for a sequel doesn't prevent gamefreak from doing something interesting with the same stuff.
    Or heck if they combined the ideas "reusing Hoenn" and "new generation, new handheld", and made gen VI located in new Hoenn+new places, they could even give them different pokes.
    And if not, they could still add more of the 450 non-Hoenn pokes to mix it up a bit.
    If they try to make something truly new with Hoenn, it will be surprising. But I mean something truly new, not the same story scheme with more evil teams. I still think they will just remake Hoenn, because land/water story scheme is imo the best for this region and they shouldn't try to think of any different story scheme for Hoenn. Making gen 6 located in Hoenn is not plausible imo, because new generation is always located in completely new region.

    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Its not even comparable.
    There was data in DP for pokemon "from Johto (Gold)" and "from Johto (Silver)".
    That is serious stuff.

    Red and blue flags are not.

    I mean, there is a difference between meaningless hints and intentional hype making hints.

    For example: the Red Gyarados on the TV at the beginning of DP.
    Every single person on the planet who saw that, was reminded of GS. That was the intention.

    When you see a red and blue flag in front of a building, however, it is meaningless. Only the 5 people who are depserately looking for "hints" will even consider them to be hints.
    I referred to putting hints in general because Kanto_Johto said that all hints are redundant, even those in D/P/Pt for G/S remakes, which is simply not true.

    I agree that red and blue flags are not enough to consider them as hints. There are much more plausible things than those flags. If red Gyarados on TV was intention of reminding G/S/C - then water/magma cave from B2/W2 is intention of reminding R/S/E. Yes it is, people immediately were speaking about Hoenn after seeing that cave.

    "There was data in DP for pokemon "from Johto (Gold)" and "from Johto (Silver)"" - yes it was, but it wasn't used in games. All Pokemon caught in HG/SS transferred to D/P/Pt are said to be caught in "faraway place", not in Johto.
    Anyway, R/S remakes don't need to be hinted with such hidden data because Pokemon caught in Hoenn can be transfered to gen 5, therefore Hoenn location data is already used in gen 5 games.