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    Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
    "There was data in DP for pokemon "from Johto (Gold)" and "from Johto (Silver)"" - yes it was, but it wasn't used in games. All Pokemon caught in HG/SS transferred to D/P/Pt are said to be caught in "faraway place", not in Johto.
    Anyway, R/S remakes don't need to be hinted with such hidden data because Pokemon caught in Hoenn can be transfered to gen 5, therefore Hoenn location data is already used in gen 5 games.
    Just some clarification,
    It was used. I don't mean the text that's actually displayed ingame. If you caught the exact same pokemon with the exact same data in HG and SS, the part of their data that contains information on what game they are from will be different. The game checks them and is programmed to show Faraway place for both.
    There was exactly 2 kinds of unused game origin data in DPt reserved for HG and SS.