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    Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
    I referred to putting hints in general because Kanto_Johto said that all hints are redundant, even those in D/P/Pt for G/S remakes, which is simply not true.
    When I said about the hints for RSE being made redundant, I meant that because there are no hints that actually mean anything or actually provide a substantial argument for remakes currently being planned, then unless Game Freak admits that they actually were hints, then none of the "hints" discovered by fans at present have actually been intentional.

    This is similar to "hints" from DPPt signalling HGSS remakes. Other than the Red Gyarados hint (which is an actual hint, since that was an exclusive in-game event for GSC) most other hints were similar to "oh look, those flags are red and blue, like Ruby and Sapphire........HOLY CRAP IT'S A CONSPIRACY".