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    Vinnie Valentine

    The message from Candice came first.

    CG: I take client, if that helps any.

    You start to respond, but an angry Mexican stops you short.

    Ricardo began pestering vinnieValentine
    RC: → I got the e-mail too buddy.
    RC: → What happened with Nazi Zombie night last week, you prick?
    RC: → Ditched me for one of your honeys again???
    RC: → D:<
    RC: → Never mind, it's cool. I'm downloading the Server version as we speak.
    RC: → Vieve's mad at you again though.
    RC: → Says you're insensitive for writing stupid stuff on memos.
    RC: → What are you doing anyways? Answer goddamn it!
    RC: → I guess you should install the Server too, by the way.
    RC: → Candice wants to do the Client version and it seems Vieve isn't trying to play with you right now…
    RC: → ):

    You stare at the screen trying to understand why Ricardo changes moods so quickly and to such extremeties. And since when is Vieve mad at you? You know she's got the hots for you, Ricardo is just trying to undermine your relationship. You figure he's just being emotional and go back to Candice.

    Vinnie began pestering Candice

    VV: Heyy girll!
    VV: You install client, okay?
    VV: Imma do server...I like to be on top
    VV: If you know what I mean ;)
    VV: ....
    VV: Okay, forget I said that, that was lame.
    VV: Hello?

    You sit in your chair, waiting for Candice to respond. You're slighly worried that you've upset her, she doesn't really appreciate your dirty comments. You get tired of waiting and start installing SBURBs server file. You hear the computer beep, and look at pesterChum. It's Vieve. You knew Ricardo was busting your balls.

    VG: You can see me? Is being a stalker your occupation or is it a part time kind of thing?

    Awkward. You specifically said you could not see her. She probably just read it wrong. You don't want to hurt her feelings by correcting her, so you roll with it.

    VV: Well, its more of a side job really. I do it on weekends and when I feel lonely.
    VV: Although, for you I can do it full time ;)

    With a grin on your face, you hit send. There. That should make her laugh.

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