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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post

And the Therian formes of Thundurus & Landorus when they're released. Far too powerful.
The therian formes really aren't anything special, good yes and bring alot of utility to teams but rather underwhelming. Used them and they're frail and the metagame is already prepared for them with things like Gasto, Sp.Def Jira, Mamoswine etc.

Originally Posted by Anti View Post
Just to respond to removing crits, I think we should follow the game mechanics. The game we play is not competitive Pokemon, it is simply Pokemon. Are critical hits annoying at the best of times? Sure. So is Focus Blast or Stone Edge missing. I don't think legislating hax out of the game is practical or ideal. I tend to agree with tj that it adds some "charm" to the game. And so what if you lose due to a crit? You can just play another match. I also feel like it doesn't actually address the OP in that their removal won't add balance to the metagame at all, they will just remove one element of chance when many more will still remain anyway.
Well cant we choose what to implement and what not to implement ? Im pretty sure the acid rain glitch wasn't included in any version of Shoddy or PO despite it being in both HG/SS and Platinum. In essence we have already deviated from cartridge play. Additionally sleep clause on PO and Shoddy doesn't work like it does in game and doesn't let you Spore two mons and thus force an auto win or like in Obi's example, Fast Lum Berry Wob being faster than sleep inducer switching in, Encoring and then switching to force an auto win. This wont work on PO/Shoddy when it actually (again going by sticking to cartridge play) should.

Its funny you mention B/W is kind of like a crapshoot, that you NEED EVERY teamslots to cover weather etc. Wouldnt this be partially mitigated if you didnt have to think "well my weather/ counter could be potentially critted to death?" In BW that one team member that got critted with the redic amount of Pokemon around suddenly starts looking a whole more important. Dont you think that will add, even if minor, at LEAST achieve a little more balance ? Focus Blast and Fire Blast missing is your own fault for not using the alternative moves, pretty simple really. Other formes of hax are not what my point is about. Sure Jirachi can flinch your whole team to death but that is because its ability is Serene Grace i.e its MEANT to do that, plus it has ways to be stopped lol.

You cant do anything viably about crits (lol Lucky Chant and battle armour?) is what im trying to get at. They cant be stopped, outsped, walled, used alternative moves like other luck variants can be to be mitigated.

If they add "charm" to the game just keep them ingame for bug catcher Andrew (lol) and wifi i guess too. Its no different to Acid Rain and Wifi Sleep Clause really being "chosen to not be implemented on shoddy/po" when if we stuck to ingame mechanics, by right should of been.

Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

Ferrothorn also resists it running its standard spread iirc.
Just a small nitpick, but Ferro doesnt resist Ice and takes near fatal damage from +2 LO Icicle Spear, i.e with one layer of Spikes its done.
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