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Originally Posted by xxarmando View Post
So i should max out the EV's before I start training then? Sorry guys I'm new at this. Also If I breed a Zorua with say Adamant nature do I need to have like a specific move that it hatched with? or can I obtain that move later on? On that part I'm still confused.
To answer your EV related question, you'd be gathering EVs WHILE training what ever distributes the type of EV your looking for. Items such as Power Bracer boost EV +4 and the additional EV what ever POKeMON you KO'd.

Furthermore, you're max EV limit for one POKeMON is 510, so you can distribute the EV into which ever stat of the POKeMON you're looking for. Normally I give 170 to three stats I want to be boosted.

Here are some helpful links to EV trainnig.

The first is the EV yield for every POKeMON up to date. 100% accurate for 4th and 5th gens.

This is a basic informational sh-- stuff... for EVs

An other questions I can help you via VM or PM. Whichever you prefer.