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Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
Okay, as cool as a game MH is, it is honestly not something that could be roleplayable. Like how I explained to you about Minecraft, Monster Hunter has no storyline. Now, don't you go poking fingers at me and telling me I'm wrong because I've got the game and played it. The only storyline is "OLD HUNTER RETIRED. NEW HUNTER ENTER!" which would only be the basis of your backstory, not your actual plot.

The only way it would really work would be like a Journey roleplay, where you have the front page dedicated to the players inventory, as each person enters a different region, be it Forest, Desert, Swamp etc, you would need to outline which monsters would be available to kill, their difficulty and the rate of which they would get items (you'd have to start incorporating chance).

So, essentially, you'd be playing like your table top old D&D roleplays. Because otherwise, it just wouldn't work fairly. Unless you take into account post quality depending on item quality.

But you still have your issue of plot. You'd need to create one and I just won't accept "TO BE BETTAR DAN ALL DE REST!!!"
That made me laugh.

I know it's possible, I'm just not going to even attempt it. Much too difficult to GM for me.