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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penace was about to fade out when he felt something shaking him. He blinked open his eyes a bit in surprise to see Guardia. "Don't you get it? We lost." He said flatly. "We didn't see this coming a mile away. We have been betrayed most thoroughly and we didn't see it..." Penance looked down. He felt so.... empty. He had tried so hard to prevent something like this... but he had failed. He had failed everyone. The thieves, his brothers, his sisters. All of them would die now because of him and how he couldn't so much as think up this possibility! It was just like.... then.... He really didn't have time to react as he was thrown back a bit as a familiar Mienshao hit him with a Close Combat. Something cracked in Penance's head as he began to chuckle and soon was laughing loudly as he staggered up and smiled at Scar. "Oh... you have no idea, do you?"

    He got onto his feet as he clutched as his chest, that same smile on his bill. "Do you really thing you will survive? You have so much power.... but that is nothing to Auron's." He smiled innocently as some more chuckles left his mouth, "Oh, you're out here doing his dirty work. He's gathering power.... now, hypothetical question, the Gold Tribe is wiped out, we're all slain. Think about it, what happens next? You Silver Tribe.... you all want power...." He chuckled as he slowly staggered forward, "You all want the same thing.... you want power.... so, you want it for yourself. You all start to get... crazy ideas. Well, not so crazy, but... ideas you never had before. Ideas of grandeur. Suddenly, everyone begins to think... and you realize the Sentinel next to you is weak.... very weak. So weak you can snap his neck quite easily. Then slowly, but surely you are all whittled away until only two remain." He slowly got closer, "You and Auron. As he looks down at you... you realize that you are alone. Thoroughly alone. No one to help you, no one to be there, and it all... starts... here." He was right before the Mienshao and grabbed his hand and held it to his own throat. "Go ahead, squeeze the life out of me. Slaughter me like so many others. Cast aside everything... only to lose everything you have left."

    He smiled at the Mienshao and looked very calm. "Go ahead, crush my throat and end yourself now. Start down a road you can never recover from.... or.... you could already get an edge." His grin grew wider and he lowered his voice so only the Mienshao could hear him, "Let the other two die. Abandon them.... let them get slaughtered. Less work on your part. Let the other Sentinels die one by one. My brothers and sisters will do that. Go and gather allies, you'll need them... or you can just blindly continue on and face your eventual demise, your choice. Think about it. I myself have nothing to lose, either I stay here or I go to see my mother, win win for me." Penance closed his eyes as he awaited what the Mienshao would do.