Thread: Development: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
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    Thanks. Doing this, I've successfully added the 157 extra moves in Ruby. I also have those extra 157 slots in PGE after Psycho Boost. But am I supposed to get "unhandled exception" errors when I click on any one of them? Clicking continue lets me go as normal, but I think it might be tied to the free space I gave. When it says I have to leave 13 x the number of new attacks free bytes, I calculated it and replaced those corresponding FF's with 00's. Am I supposed to do that, or leave them as FF's?

    EDIT: it just doesn't seem to matter whether I use 00's or FF's (I still don't know which is the right one, though), I just keep getting that error. It still works as normal, but that error is annoying. I'm sure I've done it right... :/
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