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New Users' Hangout

What Is This?

So you're wondering what this place is, exactly? Simple! This is the thread where new members can test the waters of our community and get to know one another. Not only will you meet other new members, but also community regulars that have been here for a while and perhaps even some staff! It's basically a chat thread for all you new members to get to know other newbies like you as well as older users.

You can make your first post here, but it is encouraged to create an introduction thread to be welcomed personally, though it is not mandatory. Feel free to do what you're most comfortable with! We're very friendly. :)

Some Things You Should Know

Anyone can post!
Anyone can post here! Don't assume you, as an older member, cannot post here just because it says "New Users' Hangout" in the title. No matter who you are, you're more than welcome to come and greet some of the site's newbies. Our purpose is to help newbies make new friends and feel more at ease here!

Don't spam
Please don't write short and pointless messages! If you're someone aiming for the big 15 (aka trying to reach 15 posts to be able to post images and/or links), please do not spam this thread. It is highly recommended to explore other areas of the forum rather than just relying on this thread for post count.

Need Help?
Please try not to ask for help here, as we have a very helpful section dedicated solely to helping people called the PokeCommunity Questions & Feedback! You can use the Quick Questions & Answers thread for simple questions like where you should post something, why your ROM Hacking thread isn't showing up, and so on. It would be seen faster there!

All The Welcome Lounge and the global PokeCommunity rules apply here, especially the 4-word/25 Character rule and intentional double posting.


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