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    As Hanso entered the Decreement, he saw Zane, Dryad, Sword and Shield, and Roswell. Zane and Roswell both looked confused. "TrueStriker? What are you doing here? Have you already rescued the brother? Where are the others?" Zane asked Hanso, bewildered.

    Glancing over at Roswell, Hanso's eyes burned with anger. "Full explanation later," he replied, walking over to the three Gold Tribe members. "It's enough to know that we never should've trusted Roswell in the first place." Turning back to face the Lucario, Hanso folded his arms, his arm-blades unsheathed. "No brother being escorted. No prisoner, in fact. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't pummel you into the ground for what you did."
    Hadn't Lyn said that the residents of the Thieves' Forest hated the Silver Tribe more than they hated the Gold Tribe? If that was true, then why would the King of Thieves make a deal with the Silver Tribe? Wouldn't the Sentinels and Ancients begin to pick off thieves if the Gold Tribe was wiped out?

    "On second thought, don't bother right now." Hanso backed up until he was between the other three Gold Tribe members. Focusing on Roswell and preparing to teleport meant that he didn't pay much attention to his surroundings. "Have one ready next time we meet." Thinking back to the battle, Hanso thought that perhaps he could try to teleport more of the Gold Tribe out of there anyways.