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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Since I am not 100% sure of this...if you max out an EV, then start battling Pokémon that don't give that EV, can you lose those EV points on the other stat? For instance, after maxing out attack and speed, let's say, does battling Pokémon who give defensive EVs remove your attack and speed efforts? i.e. do they recalculate over time based on what you're currently doing?

So you're asking... if you have 510 EVs in one stat... and you battle another POKeMON that delivers a different EV, will that deduct from the capped stat? The answer to this one is no. Once 510 EV's have been acquired, you with 'em for life.

However, if, say, you wanted to put 170 EV's in 3 stats (510 total) you would have to consciously stop building EV's in that particular stat once you reach 170 in the stat you wanted. Lest, you battle one more POKeMON and acquire another EV in that stat with 170 of them, which in turn would make the other stat which was supposed to have 170, now only to be able to have 169? You feel me?

Lame-Man's Term: 510 EVs are available when a POKeMON is caught or bred. From there you decide how to divvy up that 510 EVs in to whatever stats. You could pour all 510 EVs into one stat, you could put 252 into two stats 170 into three stats and so on and so forth, it is your duty to decide that. When you've come up with a build, how you'd like to pursue it is again, up to you not to exceed the planned number of EVs you wanted in that stat.

God I'm confusing myself.