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Attention, all new users.

I am the tomboyish, crazy Oshawott girl Hikari10. Although you may call me Hikari or Hika if you like. I'm female, 20, from Sydney, all the way down in Australia. And no, we don't ride kangaroos to work/school or whatever. I am female but I may look male to you so no surprise if you call me a "he" or something male.

Alright, I've been reworking my intro so read it if you want to know more about me.

OK, wondering why my name is all blue and italic? I'm a PC Supporter (not mod, SUPPORTER) and I have been one since October 1st 2012, or October 2nd for some of you guys (like me). They may look like normal members to you, apart from the green italics but these members get more cool stuff that's worth getting, like blogs, access to a special forum, and fancy profiles!

I've been a Tier 4 PC Suppporter from October 1st-25th 2012, and I've been Tier 5 PC Supporter since October 26th 2012. I managed to get mine through the 2012 PC Get-Together, when our Pokemon General mod Toujours won it as a prize and decided to gift it to me for my birthday. Given I cannot donate myself, this was really exciting.

My personality when I first joined was me being a massive noob, but that Hikari10 from back then is long gone, and she made a massive turnaround in a year and a half. Also, I'm a regular on the PC Battle Server, where my username is +OshyHikari. I don't use any alternate names though, but I do tend to be a bit crazy over there! I am a bit of a noob at competitive battling though, since my lack of good team building skills means I don't do much outside of Random Battles.

Also, I have a blog here, called The Hikari Osh(a)wott(er). I basically use it for a few random things here and there, such as a signatures archive or to share something I like with the rest of PC. I started my blog immediately after becoming a PC Supporter and I have already made loads of entries.

Despite my friendly and outrageously funny attitude, I can be a bit tough at times too. If someone is trying to ask me for help with hacks, or is a troll/spammer, I'm not your girl sorry. Need to talk so you don't feel scared? Just leave a VM on my profile, which is always open for you to laugh at. I do accept all friend requests, but I need to know you a bit more before I'll be able to accept it. Also, remain active if you want to stay on my contacts/friends cos I do a clearout of inactive users every now and then.

Oh, and did you know I absolutely love Oshawott? Cutest Starter Pokemon ever imo, with his cute face, the scalchop, the badass evolution line, everything Oshy! And my fave Pokemon games are the 5th Generation main games Black & White, as well as Black 2 & White 2. In addition, I love satirical comedy and more recently, My Little Pony. I happen to be a massive Brony/Pegasister at times so no surprise if you see a MLP theme on me.

Anyways, have fun at the PokeCommunity, and if you ever need help, contact Cirno, Cid or any other staff member, who are easily identifiable by their bold colored names.

Have fun and I'll be seeing ya around!

- Hikari10
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