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(*maybe* offtopic but close enough. sue me)

I think we should follow the game mechanics largely for the reasons Obi outlined. Which includes the things like WiFi Sleep Clause you mentioned.

Focus Blast and Fire Blast missing is your own fault for not using the alternative moves, pretty simple really
How weak is that? What am I supposed to use, HP Fight? Now I lose Speed ties and can't even hurt anything because of low base power? I think it's funny that the very Pokemon you complain about being broken (Reuniclus) relies on a horribly inaccurate move to compensate for the so-so coverage of its STAB. Same goes for Stone Edge. Are you seriously suggesting I use Rock Slide (which still can miss at a key moment) on my CB Terrakion?

Wouldnt this be partially mitigated if you didnt have to think "well my weather/<mon> counter could be potentially critted to death?"
Not really...? Crits add variability but I don't see how they throw off balance; I don't see where you're going with this. Crits exist in perfectly balanced metagames, don't they?
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