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    I've put in all of the newer moves from gen 4 & 5 that are the most used in competitive battles/most popular. Although their atttack power/PP/and effects are correct, I haven't gotten to their correct animations or descriptions yet.

    Good News/Bad News UPDATE:

    Good News: I completed all of the main event scripts for Beta 2! However, I still have to edit everything in between them now on the main rom. This is good news because it reduces the time for the making of the 2nd beta to be released.

    These screenshots show the ending battle of Beta 2. By now, you've collected all 8 badges in the CORE Region & obtained Arceus. Now, the player is off to the nearby region known as the OMNI region to battle Darugis at it's lair & save someone who is very important to him/her. Like the first region, there will be 8 badges in the OMNI region as well. It'll feel like 2 games in 1 rom. The hack will be seperated in 4 releases. 1st Beta is 4 badges, 2nd beta is 8 badges, 3rd beta is 12 badges, 4th beta is 16 badges & the final events that follow(The complete hack).

    Bad News: As Tajaros said, he has Just given me the main rom. He's been very busy with school, which delayed the progress & appointed time I will have to finalize everything. I hope you all understand he has put alot of work into the hack, but due to me having less time to put everything together, it May or May Not be released on July 30th. BUT, it will release sometime within that same week. I will try my hardest to get everything done by July 30th as promised, but if not...It'll be released sometime in that same week. So expect to play between July 30th(Monday)-August 5th(Sunday)