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    Sign Up:

    Username: Gerokunz
    Game: Ruby

    Optional Rules

    - Nickname all my Pokemon.
    - Battle Style to SET.
    - I don't use legenaries.

    Update #1

    Current Team

    Haley the Treecko Lv.13
    Quick Attack

    Billy the Zigzagoon Lv.10
    Tail Whip

    I beat Roxanne now. Read the spoiler.
    - Treecko is my starter.
    - That Poochyena is killed.
    - Treecko nicknamed "Haley". (But it's male.)
    - Killed Zigzagoon. (Route 101)
    - May was just a cookies.
    - Received Pokedex.
    - Yeah! I can run!
    - That Calvin is no match to me.
    - Catched George the Wurmple. (Route 102)
    - I kill Rick's Wurmples.
    - Allen is crying!
    - Tiana shed a tears.
    - Wally catched his Ralts.
    - Killed Wurmple. (Route 104)
    - Murdered Billy's Seedot and Taillow.
    - But Billy killed my George!
    - Winston is rich, but his Zigzagoon is poor.
    - Catched Billy the Zigzagoon. (Petalburg Woods)
    - Lyle's Wurmples are go to heaven.
    - That Magma Grunt's Poochyena meet hell.
    - James defeated.
    - Cindy defeated.
    - Gina and Mia defeated.
    - Ivan defeated.
    - Josh defeated.
    - Tommy defeated.
    - Roxanne almost killed my Haley! (1 HP left.)
    - Stone Badge is mine!