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    I'm also against banning critical hits, Though I am pretty tolerant of hax in general I will admit I have had some rather unpleasant losses as a result of a crit, Ice Beam freeze, attacks missing, etc. However we have to remember we are playing a game which isn't 100% skill, the fact that moves can miss, moves have secondary effects and crits can occur, min-max roll damage, etc. Luck plays a big factor in every match and it's something we have to live with.

    We can't choose whether to implement something or not because we are given a game by Nintendo to play, we can't create a Pokemon game. Tweaking minor stuff like banning overpowered Pokemon/abilities/items is fine in my opinion but when we start messing around with game mechanics that have been there for years I feel that is just a little too "far". Acid Rain was different because I don't believe the creators intended for it to be there, crits are intended to be there. Moody can be abused, you just use Protect/Sub until you net some evasion/speed boosts and off you go to sweep. Crits can't be, I mean yeah you could try Super Luck + Scope Lens + High CH move but people know that sucks ass.

    I'll admit creating a more competitive metagame by removing crits is not a bad idea in itself, but we're playing a game made by developers and we should follow their rules. Even with crits and luck it's still blatantly clear when one player is better ;(

    I feel there is only one major problem with BW OU atm

    Weather needs to go, not Sandstorm or Hail so much but Drizzle/Drought. I don't want to play a weather-based metagame where everything is unbalanced. If I wanted that I'd go to Ubers, actually even that is more balanced probably. Standard should be balanced and atm it's just not. It basically forces you to run weather starter yourself or a specialized counter or else you are at an instant major disadvantage. Evasion abilities should also go, relying on that 20% miss rate to setup and abusing it via Sub is no different from using Brightpowder or Double Team.

    tl;dr Crits should stay, OU still sucks, play more UU