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Originally Posted by pinta77 View Post
@Sarcastic Prince
Thanks, I'll check out XSE. Sounds promising. Also, I might use the tiles you were talking about, but I don't want to import FR/LG tiles. I honestly don't like them, they're kind of ugly in my opinion. Also, I've never edited tiles before, I'm kinda scared :o

Some of the OW's look nice, especially the Ruby/Sapphire characters, but that's about it. I know FR/LG are a lot newer, and it seems you can do a little more with them script wise, I prefer hacking Ruby/Sapphire.
No new pics, but here's a short clip. Here, you meet Rui (your partner on pokemon colosseum) and your friend on this game. And if your character is male, then your potential girlfriend <3
It's fine if you don't like FR/LG tiles. There are other tiles you can use, like the ones Mexicans use in their Ruby hacks. You can take a look at them here:
PKMN: Golden Island

If you don't know how to import tiles, you can always hire a tiler to assist you with it.

Oh, and XSE is like the most commonly used scripting tool used by most hackers.

Also, I actually prefer Ruby hacks over FR/LG ones, it's just that Ruby and Emerald hacks have to do a lot of edits graphic wise in order for them to be appreciated.

Lastly, woah, potential girlfriend? Cool, I really like romantic events or stories, I'll be sure to keep an eye on it.

About the script:
You might want to change Rui's (Oh, and Rui's OW looks kinda nice, did you make it yourself?) text from yellow to some other color. Yellow, in my opinion, is too bright and it kinda hurts my eyes reading the text.

PS: Do you plan on doing decapitalization? And is the protagonist a silent character? If you are going to further develop Rui's relationship with the protagonist needs to talk in order for it to make sense.
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